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The Gamer Chapter 304 Where To Read, and Spoilers

The Gamer Chapter 304 update and Details

In this article, we are going to talk about The Gamer Chapter 304 spoilers, and where to read. As we take a look at the latest chapter, Mithail Park and his Valhalla team were fighting an army of golems as they went in for the frontlines attack. Upon contact with the golems, they appear indestructible as they just morph back into their original shape after sustaining damage. Mithail then ordered a retreat as he plans on using The great Terracotta Warrior to fight the golem army.


The Gamer follows the life of Han Ji-han, a normal high school student who developed a special ability that allowed him to treat the world around him as a game called “The Gamer.” He noticed that by leveling up, he could increase his stats and improve his body and mind, among other things. One day when he witnessed a battle between Kwon Si-Yeon and Hwan Seong, the former questioned him on his identity.

Han Ji-han began to realize that he needed to train to be sure that he’ll be safe in case he gets caught up in a fight again. He started training in his fighting capability with blunt objects. When he accidentally slips into another combat area, he had to fight his way through zombies, which he later found out that they were amassed souls that Hwan Seong-Gon was collecting. He then contacted Shin Seon-II as he assumes that Seon was part of this world due to his high stats compared to everyone else. Han then decided to stay in the world of Abyss, putting him in many dangerous situations as he grows stronger to protect himself and those around him.

The Gamer Chapter 304 Spoilers

The upcoming chapter will reveal the golems fight with The great Terracotta Warrior. The golems seem to have much more mysteries to them as dealing with them would need much more powers.

The Gamer Chapter 304 update

The Gamer is more of a webtoon, but fortunately, its release schedule has been very stable and consistently releasing on Fridays. This means that Chapter 304  will be out by this Friday on the 13th of December 2019.

Where To Read The Gamer Chapter 304?

You will be able to read The Gamer of Webtoons official website, you can also read it on other manga websites, but we advise you to read it on Webtoons as this will support the creators of the manga.