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Death Note 2020: New Chapter Will Be Released After Over A Decade

Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata’s Death Note was finished more than a decade ago, yet its still one of the most popular manga series. In addition to its successful manga run, the anime provided tons of impressive and memorable moments (Light’s potato chip scene, etc.). Upon its conclusion, there’s a lot of materials made based on the main show. Almost all of these new materials are just remade of the original.

Fortunately for fans, Death Note manga will be releasing new content 14 years after its ending. Shueisha will be releasing a new chapter on its February Issue of the Jump SQ, or the monthly version of the Jump Magazine. According to the official Jump SQ site, the new chapter would feature a new cover and center color.

This new Death Note chapter will be a one-shot special which is reported to have 87 pages worth of new materials. And as the official site stated, it would not be an alternate reality. The chapter will pick up in the same universe where Light Yagami existed.

After Light’s death, Ryuk will once again drop his Death Note to the human world. Will the quirky Shinigami find someone who can use his note at its fullest potential once again?  It is still not mentioned if we’re going to meet a whole bunch of new characters or if the remaining original characters such as Matsuda will appear. In addition, the time passed after Light’s death is still unknown. Whether this one-shot will add more material in the future canon timeline is still unsure.

Looking for more Death Note awesomeness? The Death Note Musical is expected to be released this month. Fans who are near the Toshima Ward Performing Arts Exchange Theater in Tokyo can grab tickets to see this show. If you’re not on the area, there are still other Death Note contents that you can enjoy.