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One Piece 968 Official Spoilers Are Out

one piece 968 spoilers

One Piece is taking interesting turns. We already have One Piece 968 spoilers, and we will be sharing that with you. Don’t expect the spoilers to be a lot, as there are only a few, for now; we will be updating this post as we have more spoilers.

Let us begin with the spoilers. We see Roger and Rayleigh talking, Roger talks about them being too early, and on the other hand, Rayleigh talks about who will find One Piece next. To which Roger replies, that will be his son (Portgas D.Ace) of course. Rayleigh replies that Roger has no son, and to which Roger replies, it is never too late to make one and laughs.

This is the same dialogue from One Piece: Stampede movie, take a look at it below:

Roger: We were… too early

Rayleigh: I wonder who’ll find it… One Piece…

Roger: It’s got to be my son, right?

Rayleigh: You don’t have one

Roger: I’m going to be making one from here on!

This is all the spoilers we have for now, we will be updating this post as more spoilers come out, so keep checking and stay tuned.

More spoilers are out. We see Pirate King, Roger, disbanding his crew and we see him name the treasure One Piece and Roger leaves the ship with his final medicine by ship’s doctor Crocus.

Moving forward, we see Roger returning to Wano, and Toki is pierced by an arrow but she recovered from that, and as it looks like it was already too late, Orochi has already taken over Wano with Kaidou as his support.

Oden is cutting down one after another of Orochi’s men, Orochi tells Oden to stop as Kaidou won’t stay silent, but to that Oden replies he is going to cut down Orochi and won’t stay silent to what has happened to his country.

At the end of the chapter, Kaidou’s silhouette appears, and up until the next chapter. We will be talking about One Piece 969 spoilers andin the next chapter.

When is One Piece Chapter 968 Spoilers update?

One Piece Chapter 968 Spoilers will be releasing 3-4 days earlier. Therefore, we will be getting One Piece 968 Spoilers on Thursday, 16th January 2020. We’ll be getting full spoilers at roughly 4:00 PM JST.