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Moana 2: update, Update, and Plot Details

Moana 2
Moana 2

The Animated movie series produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, Moana has earned huge success in the first edition released in 2016. The movie was critically acclaimed for its great display, stunning animation, and catchy music. The movie was a worldwide smash hit and earned the Best Animated Feature Nomination at the 2017 Academy Awards.

The movie followed the title character, Moana, a young Polynesian girl who is selected by the ocean to find a demigod named Maui(Johnson) and return a mystical relic to its original owner. After the successful first edition, we as fans are wondering – Will there be a Moana 2?

What is Moana Season 2 Latest News?

There is a lack of visible movement for Moana 2, so fans may feel dejected as of now. But the hope of an amazing sequel to the animated film is a safe bet for the fans and profitable for the makers. Moana (2016) has earned $650 Million worldwide and is comprised of catchiest soundtracks of 2016. The follow up of the film will be guaranteed success for the filmmakers so, the sequel of the film may be announced in the next few years.

What is Moana 2 Plot?

Songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda is said to have met with Disney about the sequel of the film which will focus on the Latina princess. Such a sequel will be a major first of the studio but there is no official word yet from either party so it may be put down as rumor as well.

Moana (2016) ended with the lead character, Moana returning home following her epic adventure acting as Wayfinder. Moana 2 may pick from the end of Moana (2016) and may feature the return of demigod Maui (Dwayne Johnson).

When is Moana 2 update?

It has been a policy of Walt Disney to pursue the making of the sequel of popular animated films such as Frozen 2. So, if Moana 2 does happen, we can expect that to the screens on 2022-2023. Nonetheless, we will keep you posted.