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Hunt: Showdown- Setting and Update Details

Hunt: Showdown

The first-person shooter video game Hunt: Showdown will be making its debut on PS4, and gamers worldwide are extremely excited to see what the game has to offer. We have gathered all the recent updates and information regarding the game, so here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Hunt: Showdown on PS4.

Published by Crytek, Hunt: Showdown is a survival-horror game, and the game has already been released for other platforms; however, PS4 users had to wait, but, if the reviews are anything to go by then it will be fair to say that the long wait wouldn’t go in vain. The game was first revealed to the world back in 2014. At that time, it was teased to be a free-to-play game, but, Adams assured the fans that Hunt would have the size and all the essential qualities of a ‘AAA’ game, but, the initial model of the game was changed to a buy-to-play model when it made its debut in Early Access on 22nd February 2018.

Later at Gamescom held in the same year, Crytek revealed that Xbox users would get the game available for their platform soon. On 3rd July 2019, Crytek released Hunt: Showdown for PC, followed by an official Xbox release later on 19th September. The game has been received well by the audiences, and the critics praised the storyline, setting, and the overall horror elements of the game.

What is the storyline of Hunt: Shadows?

Hunt: Showdown is developed in CryEngine V, and the story of the game is set in the late 1890s, and it follows the brave hunters who slay the monsters plaguing the world. The game was initially planned to serve as the successor of Darksiders by Crytek USA, who proposed the title ‘Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age,’ but, the project was changed because of the shut down of Crytek USA.

How was the reception of Hunt: Shadows?

Hunt: Showdown performed well, and it received a rating of 74% on PC Gamer, 81% on Metacritic, and a score of 9 on Steam. The game has been hailed for its scary atmosphere and creepy nature, which are considered to be some of the most important elements for a PvP or PvE mode to keep the gamers on the edge of their seat.

When is the update of Hunt: Shadows?

‘Hunt: Showdown’ will be released on 18th February 2020 on PS4. According to the reviews, the mode of the game is simple, and you, along with your partner, will be playing in an area with minimum supplies, and your goal will be to use whatever you have to locate and defeat the boss monster on the map. Although the task appears to be quite simple, the reality is different, as the entire map will be filled with mini-monsters, which will become a serious pain to deal with. The game is exhilarating, and it will give you the creeps if you play in a dark environment.