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Bodyguard Season 2 Update: Series Might Have 3 More Seasons

Bodyguard Season 2 update
Bodyguard Season 2

BBC have hit a gold mine with its Bodyguard series. The show has received huge ratings, and it has received tens of millions of views while it was airing. The opening episode was the biggest new drama launch in the UK in 2018. It then went on to become the most watched BBC show in a decade, and the finale attracted an astonishing 17.1 million viewers. This is the highest number that has been calculated since the records began.

The show follows David Budd, who is a war veteran and he has turned into a Specialist Protection Officer. He has been assigned to Julia Montague, who is the Home Secretary.

Bodyguard Season 2 update

Bodyguard Season 2 – David Budd

Back in September 2018, it was confirmed by Mercurio that he had just begun talks about the possible second season with BBC. Anby Madden in November revealed that the meeting was going to happen soon and they would discuss the future of the show.

There has been no confirmed news about the second season of the show. We are still waiting for the BBC to provide us with an update. Mercurio has hinted that Bodyguard night go on for as long as four seasons.

Richard Madden as David Budd
Gina McKee as Cmdr. Anne Sampson
Sophie Rundle as Vicky Budd
Nina Toussaint-White as DS Louise Rayburn
Ash Tandon as DCI Deepak Sharma.
Paul Ready as Rob MacDonald
Vincent Franklin as Mike Travis
Richard Riddell as Tom Fenton
Michael Schaeffer as “Richard Longcross”
David Westhead as John Vosler, the Prime Minister
Stuart Bowman as Stephen Hunter-Dunn
Stephanie Hyam as Chanel Dyson
Matt Stokoe as Luke Aikens
Pippa Haywood as Chief Superintendent Lorraine Craddock
Nicholas Gleaves as Roger Penhaligon

Line of Duty series was delayed due to the first season of Bodyguard. So, it is possible that the second season of Bodyguard will be delayed until 2020 (if the show does end up being renewed). We will have to wait to get more news about the show’s renewal.