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Barry Season 2 Teaser Trailer And Spring Release Confirmed!

Barry Season 2 update

HBO has already confirmed that the Dark Comedy series, Barry, is returning for a second season, and the fans can barely keep their excitement to themselves. Barry premiered on HBO first last year, on March 25, 2018. In this show, we saw Hader play Barry Berkman, who is a former U.S. Marine and is now a contract killer.

He travels to L.A in the show, and that’s where everything unravels for Barry. Barry has been received very well by the fans, and some have even gone ahead and called it the series of the year. In the second season of the show, we expect quite a lot from them.

It’ll be interesting to see if they’re able to deliver or not. With that, let’s start talking about what we know related to Season 2 of the show, which isn’t all that far away.

Please make sure that you don’t mind being spoiled if you want to continue reading this post. We don’t really know much about the upcoming season, but what we do know is that it’ll have a completely different tone to it.

“What can we say about Season 2? It somehow is a bit darker,” Hader said at an FYC Q&A event. “We’re writing Season 2 right now.”

The official cast for the show hasn’t been announced either, and at this point, it is difficult to say whether Detective Moss will return for Season 2. Majority of the cast is expected to return for the second season, which includes Michael Irby, and Anthony Carrigan.

Updated on March 24, 2019:

The trailer of the first season is available, and you can watch it below:

We now have a confirmedfor the second season, which means we are too close to the second season. The second season is supposed to release on 31 March 2019, just one week later! The first and the second episode titles are also revealed.

The show is broadcasted on HBO channel as we know, and it will resume its broadcast on 31 March on its usual slot of 10 PM on Sundays! So, fans just have to wait for another week, and then they can enjoy their favorite dark comedy show again.