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Windows 11:And All We Know So Far

Hey guys! Today we are going to talk about the highly anticipated Windows 11 and don’t get me wrong, Windows 10 is amazing, but the October 2018ruined their game. The multitudinous problems caused by Windows 11 finally prompted Microsoft to pull the update. The misery didn’t stop there; the one that was made available later was still problematic. As of today, the Windows 10has been installed in a total of 3% computers. The April 2018had been widely accepted though, if not October 2018 update.

Now the thing is that Microsoft had claimed Windows 10 would be the “last version of Windows,” but is that going to happen for sure. Many are prompting Microsoft to rethink this idea, and quite frankly many of us want an operating system that goes up to 11.

Amongst the list of YouTubers and such highly anticipating for Windows 11 updates, is one named Kaan Advan. He creates concept videos for Windows, and the latest to hit is channel is one conceptualizing Windows 11. Kaan has imagined a new Start menu with the tiles, windows curved designs, smart animations for this “next generation of Windows.” Other features such as a redesigned Search UI, an improved, better looking dark mode with an alternative darker mode. Adaptive cursors, pin tiles to the desktop are amongst features that Kaan Advan has conceptualized of. Here watch the video for yourself:

But will there be Windows 11 after all? For now, no. Microsoft has outright denied the possibility of Windows 11. “Windows 10 is the last version of Windows”, Microsoft has been maintaining. Let’s hope we get a majorin the form of Windows 11 or let’s wait for Microsoft to unveil its game. More as we have it.