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Psych The Movie 2: Updates So Far

USA Network confirmed that Psych: The Movie would be getting a sequel. USA Network gave the green light for the second movie. It will be another two-hour long movie. The work on the film began in March 2019. USA Network also released a logline for Psych: The Movie 2. It gives us a clear idea about the plot of the movie. Here is the synopsis:

Carlton Lassiter, the Police Chief of Santa Barbara is ambushed on duty, and he is killed. “In a vintage Psych-style Hitchcockian nod, he begins to see impossible happenings around his recovery clinic.” Shawn and Gus will be coming back to Lassie’s side in Santa Barbara. They are pushed to navigate the personal, the professional, and possibly the supernatural. They find themselves completely separated from their lives in San Francisco. The heroes need to uncover the mystery behind the case without the help of the police.

The return of Roday, Omundson and Hill have been confirmed to be a part of the sequel. There are others who are set to join the cast. These are — Juliet O’Hara as Maggie Lawson, Henry Spencer as Corbin Bernsen, and Karen Vick as Kirsten Nelson.

It will be interesting to see whether Psych The Movie 2 can live up to the expectations. The first movie was brilliant, and it will be down to the cast to provide the highest quality of performance in order to ensure that the movie is a success.

Psych The Movie 2 is set to release in 2019, we willthis post, once we have a update.