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The Boy and the Beast Film Gets Musical

Back in 2015 when The Boy and the Beast came out on our digital screens, we obviously could not get enough of it because the plot and graphics were literally so amazing. The tale also went on to win at the Japan Academy Prizes for the Animation of the Year. It even was very successful at the box office with an average grossing of 5.85 billion Japanese yen. The plot of this story throws the entire spotlight on Ren, who is nine years in age. He has recently lost his mother and there is no news regarding his father. Ren gets very uncomfortable when it comes to living with his legal guardians and thus, runs away to the streets of Shibuya. Life gets pretty tough for him because he has to steal food in order to survive and generally is spotted sleeping in a random alley. Sometimes, he sits back and reminisces about the funeral which they had for her mother. Now, the story spans over to the Beast Kingdom where we see the grandmaster. He has decided to retire so that he can reincarnate in the form of a deity.

But before doing so, as per the rule, one has to announce successors. He announces two successors. The first one is the popular Iozen who has two kids and on the other hand, we have powerful Kumatetsu who is pretty lonely and lazy when it comes to working. The Grandmaster wants Kimatetsu to find a disciple so that he himself becomes better and succeeds him. This is when the two stories meet and we see Kimatetsu stumbling across Ren while he was idly wandering in the streets of Tokyo with his companion Tatara. Kimetetsu suggests that Ren become his disciple. Initially, we see that Ren is pretty reluctant to join his side but nevertheless follows his tail so as to explore the beast kingdom out of curiosity. Thus, this tale follows the story of Kimetetsu and Ren making it further into the Beast World. We will discuss what happens further in the story later but first, let us talk about the new content which is going to get released and is based on the story of The Boy and the Beast.

The Boy and the Beast Film Gets Musical

A still of Ren and Kimetetsu from The Boy and the Beast Film

The Boy and the Beast Film Musical – Release Date

As of right now, news has come out that a musical will be created which has taken its sole inspiration from The Boy and the Beast. This will be made under the banner of Shiki Theatre Company. A release date for the same has been set to the 30th of April 2022 at the Autumn Theatre in the JR East Shiki Theatre in Tokyo. As for this new piece of art, it has been revealed that Go Aoki is set to direct this musical while Chikae Takahashi is going to write the script as well as the lyrics. At this point in time, a casting call is underway where the creators are finding potential members to join the musical. Currently, a call has been made by the company where they are trying to find three child actors who would play the role of Kyuta as well as Ichirohiko and Jiromaru. For further details, you guys should know that this musical is going to employ the usage of special make-up practices along with apt puppets and props.

Now, coming back to the details of this anime film, it was made by Hosoda who has created and scripted the whole tale. This movie is the first tale of Hosuda since Wolf Children came out back in 2012. Wolf Children was actually a debut project by Studio Chizu, his new animation movie company. Continuing with the plot of this tale, we see that Ren thought that he would come back to the human world once he knows the secrets of the alternative one, but is unable to. Here, he watched Iozen against Kimetetsu and gets impressed by the fighting skills of the latter participant. But after noticing the fact that no one is cheering for him, Kimetetsu but all are in the favour of Iozen, Ren himself stands up and decided to cheer for him. But later, Kimetetsu has declared defeat against Iozen. Here, the Grandmaster reveals that this was not the final battle for succession because it is yet to happen.

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