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Recording and making podcasts is one of the recent trends of this decade. And the debuting directors, Ori Segev and Noah Dixon have brought to their audience the hidden insights from this trend in the form of their new music thriller movie, Poser, whose review is a thrill in itself. It stars Sylvie Mix and Bobbi Kitten in the lead roles as an onscreen couple. Poser premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 9, 2021.  It was released in theatres on June 17, 2022.

Various critics and audiences are responding positively to the movie Poser. It displays some extreme emotions together. It is described as an oddly beautiful, absurdly compelling, and freakishly watchable movie. In this article, we will review Poser and look at its different aspects.

About Poser

The movie Poser is about a quiet and composed yet exploring girl, Lennon Gates (Sylvie Mix), and her passion for music. She roams around Columbus, Ohio, and creates her podcast to get out of her comfort zone. Lennon is particularly interested in investigating and interviewing the locally talented artists she admires. These artists live in an underground world of their own, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. And while doing so, she discovers herself to be one of them.

She discovers her own musical ambitions as a songwriter when she meets a confident Indie pop artist, Bobbi Kitten (as herself). Bobbi, herself has a band named Damn the Witch Siren. Lennon falls for charismatic Bobbi, and they soon get into a relationship. Her newly discovered goal and the bond with Bobbi change Lennon into an obsessive woman.

poser review
Lennon and her podcast

Her admiration for Bobbi as an artist slowly becomes her obsession. She copies every move and style of Bobbi in an intimidating way. Whether it is her way of performing in the concerts, her hairstyle, her way of talking, and even her singing. And their relationship heads towards a more tense, depressed, and dark one as the movie progresses. She even abuses Bobbi’s kindness to the limit of manipulating her.


Poser casts Sylvie Mix, the Look Like (2020) actress, and Damn the Witch Siren band pop star Bobbi Kitten in the lead roles. Other casts include Z-wolf, Aujolie Baker as Kendra, Angela Jernigan as Kate, Rachel Keefe as Janie, Drew Johnson as Phillip, Ariel Peguero as Fernando, Danielle Samson as Albany, and others in significant roles.

Most of its casts are part of some real musical bands whose music is also used in the movie. 

Treatment of Poser

Poser is set in the background of raw music flourishing in the hidden undergrounds of Ohio’s capital, Columbus. The artists have their own bands who are creating some good music that is far from recognition. The movie is mostly shot at night for the dark theme. It displays warehouse parties and nightclubs, music, and concerts enjoyed by hipsters, local bands, and playfulness in the atmosphere. The cinematography is in alignment with the story. It is aptly done with the music of Son of Dribble and Damn the Witch Siren bands.


The Poser flows in its own wave, without a solid story. It tried to tell a story of two girls finding their own identities for ‘who are they?’. They appreciate each other’s talent and doubt their own existence. Bobbi praises Lennon-written songs, while Lennon likes to imitate everything that Bobbi’s got. Lennon’s fake-it-till-you-make-it mentality is a test for someone like Bobbie of how long you bear a ‘poser’ in your life. 

poser review
Sylvie Mix and Bobbi Kitten in Poser

The movie has spent a lot of time highlighting the impassive, unreadable expression on Mix’s face (Lenon). Her moves and gestures are taken from Bobbi and her work of recording podcasts on her analog recorder (without producing a single podcast) is limited.

Overall, the movie covers the life of an unreadable Lennon, who seems like a typical admirer but turns out to be a poser. There are some interesting mental tours inside the heads of human instincts, set within the intense theme and real music from the bands that give depth to the messages conveyed in the film. And hence according to this review, Poser is worth a watch if you are a fan of slow yet thrilling movies.

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