Dragon Quest Builders 2: Multiplayer And Updates

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Post the release of Dragon Quest Builders 2, one of the things that have irked the fans is whether the game is multiplayer and how exactly does the split-screen work in the game. Today we’ll discuss both these issues at hand. Keep reading to learn.

We get it, upon your first boot up in Dragon Quest Builders 2, you may have encountered that the whole story is playable in co-op. It is obviously because your companion in the game is Malroth. Therefore, what do you do in such a situation? Do you connect the second controller to your hardware and start the game. We have an answer for you, and that’s sadly a no. We do not have the option. The makers of Dragon Quest haven’t provided a split-screen option at all.

With that being said, that Dragon Quest Builders 2 doesn’t have split-screen functionality, what you must know is that Multiplayer option is done online and you will only be allowed to play under some of the circumstances, which are:

The first thing that you will do is to walk through the story and follow the tutorial, and finish it on the pirate ship. Then you travel to the Island of Awakening in your first island quests, with the farm at Furrowfield. Once that is done, you will succeed in unlocking the multiplayer portal. This portal can be found on the Island of Awakening, which isn’t very far from where your boat is moored, just on the beach that is. Now, you need to access it, so you simply go up and interact with the portal, and that’s how you progress with the story.

With the game Dragon Quest Builders 2, you can only play it with friends or friends of friends. In terms of location, you can only play it on your own Island of Awakening. If you want to go online, your Malroth will vanish. You can invite friends from here or even friends of friends. And voila! You can build your very own sandbox with the game. And that’s how it’s done. We hope the post helps you with the gameplay.

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