Black Clover Chapter 215 Expectations: Julius’ Resurrection Explained

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The previous chapter presented the biggest plot twist yet in Black Clover. Julius Novachrono is still alive even after the damage Patri made to him on previous chapters. Licht and Lumiere, as well as the other elves, are now gone while Rhya, Patri, Vetto, and Fanna stayed. In Black Clover episode 215, the explanation for the Magic Emperor’s survival is expected to be revealed.

It’s still a sort of a miracle that Julius still alive, as revealed in the last Black Clover chapter. His grimoire and the mark on his forehead started disappearing in Black Clover chapter 145. When the Magic Emperor came back after the fight, he was younger by decades, and the mark in his forehead already gone. In addition, his grimoire is now only consisted of just one page. This means that, just like Rades, the Magic Emperor will now only have one magic he can use. He is alive, but he is nerfed a lot.

A lot of people believes that what saved Julius from his death is one of his spells which activated when he was about to die. Some people noted how this spell had been the mark in his forehead all along. In Black Clover chapter 145, it will also be revealed if he will stay as a magic emperor or just become a normal citizen of the Clover Kingdom. Other readers suggest that Julius will use magic stones to improve his power after the nerf. This makes sense, as Secre is still around and will likely join the Black Bulls with Asta.

With the conclusion of the Eye of the Midnight Sun’s Arc, another villain is about to be introduced. The attack of other kingdoms surrounding the Clover Kingdom is already considered. So far, the only kingdoms introduced are Diamond and Clover Kingdoms. We might see more of the remaining Hearts Kingdom and Spades Kingdom in the future chapters.




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