Anatomy of a Scandal reveals official cast

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Anatomy of a Scandal update
Anatomy of a Scandal update

The upcoming anthology series on Netflix Anatomy of a Scandal is on the horizon, and essential information is starting to show up. Created by David E. Kelley and Melissa James Gibson, the show is all geared up for its first season, and we have just got the official confirmation on the cast of the show.

Sarah Vaughan’s 2017 novel based, the show will closely follow the original story, so fans of the original material, get ready to watch the epic drama come into life. The book follows James, a high-ranking politician from Westminster, his wife Sophie, and Kate, a barrister.

Anatomy of a Scandal Story

The story is something that you might have already come across in other dramas; however, it has its own unique twist. James felt into the darkness of an unwelcoming scandal when a particular rape accusation hit him, but Sophie had full faith in his innocence, but Kate isn’t on the same plane as Sophie. Kate is sure of James’ guilt, and she is willing to do anything to make sure he faces the consequences. The case isn’t as straightforward as it seems, and it will become evident as the drama unfolds. The courtroom’s overall tension and the urge to dive into the depths to find the real truth make it highly compelling.

Anatomy of a Scandal Novel
Anatomy of a Scandal Novel


The production of the show hasn’t commenced yet, but we do have its ‘official’ schedule. According to it, the creators are planning to begin this November 2020 at Shepperton Studios, UK, and it will continue for 20 weeks, which means they are looking forward to completing by April 2021.

Anatomy of a Scandal Cast, Episodes

Deadline has officially solved the mystery surrounding the show’s cast, as they have confirmed the main actors for ‘Anatomy of a Scandal.’ As per the reports, the 2008’s BAFTA award nominee Sienna Miller will play the role of Sophie Whitehouse (wife of James Whitehouse). Homeland’s very own Rupert Friend will play Sohpie’s politician husband, James Whitehouse, whereas Godless’ actor Michelle Dockery will play Kate Woodcroft. The official note describes Kate’s character as ‘the steely criminal barrister specializing in prosecuting sexual crimes who’s risen quickly in her field, and just got handed the case of a lifetime.’

According to rumors shared by Recapped, Naomi Scott from the blockbuster movie Aladdin will play Olivia, the woman who accuses James of the alleged rape. There is no confirmation yet, but fans believe that it will become official soon.

So this completes the list of actors playing the main characters. However, we expect to get an update on the entire list of other supporting actors very soon. We will update this area as soon as we get the confirmation.

The first season of Anatomy of a Scandal will feature a total of six one-hour-long episodes.

Anatomy of a Scandal might aim for a release window of late 2021. The production is yet to start, but given the show’s current schedule (considering everything goes well), it should be ready by late 2021. We will keep you posted as soon as the official word drops.

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