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Magic: The Gathering Card Tells About Upcoming Theros: Beyond Death Set

Reports had earlier stated that the total number of cards in the Magic: The Gathering “Theros: Beyond Death” set will be 350. However, it was updated, and we were notified that the number would be 254. Wizards of the Coast was the first game in 1993 that changed tabletop gaming forever. Now Magic: The Gathering has been made with a new set of cards just a few days away.

Revealed cards

We will be getting controls over the gods in the new set Theros: Beyond Death. Reports have also revealed a few cards that will come out soon. For example, there was Ashioke, the legendary Planeswalker that can provide permanents to the owner’s hands, give rise to nightmare creature tokens that can banish opponent deck cards, and cast them. Opponent’s decks would be used against them. Then there is Planeswalker with the ability to create soldier tokens, heal the player, and so on.

The third card, which was revealed, is the buy-a-box promotional card for Theros: Beyond Death – Athreos. The cost to cast it would be six mana in which one will be black, one white, and four colorless. A creature who is actually not a creature, depending on our devotion, will have the ability to bring back creatures from exile and drop them on the battlefield.

The new set of cards that will be around 250 will be laden with new returning mechanics. The pre-release will begin on Magic: The Gathering Arena on the 16th of January and will be released in the real world on the 17th of January. To get a copy of Athreos, we can pre-order a box at any Wizards Play Network store. We will also get a foil Nyx basic land while the supplies last.