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Boruto Episode 137 Spoilers – A Samurai Appears?

boruto episode 137

Another arc was finished once again in the animated version of Boruto. After the trip from the past in the last episode, Boruto and Sasuke are once again in the present Konoha. We’ve seen some endearing moments between characters, especially for both Boruto and Naruto at the end of the arc. In Boruto episode 137, we will be taking the spotlight away from Boruto and focus on other teams. This time, its Team 15’s time to shine.

With the start of a new arc in Boruto episode 137, a reformed Team 15 is introduced. It can be remembered that Sumire took a spot in Konoha’s Scientific Ninja Weapons Team. This leaves the total members of Team 15 only two. Sumire’s replacement comes from a foreign land and is actually a foreign exchange student named Kurogane Tsubaki (and that’s not a Bleach reference).

Unfortunately for Team 15, Tsubaki is not fond of the “Ninja” way, as she is a Samurai who is from the Iron Country. Now, we all know that the Ninja and the Samurai are different references in Japanese culture. It is not yet shown if Tsubaki knows how a Jutsu work, but based on her overall weapon and outfit, it seems like she knows some sick swordsmanship techniques.

Tsubaki will meet Izuno and Namida in the next episode, led by their leader, Hanabi. She will immediately clash against Izuno because she believes that shinobis are good-for-nothings with no conviction. It seems like this clash will actually affect their first mission together. Would they be able to overcome their differences for the sake of Team 15’s success?

Boruto episode 137 is titled “The Samurai Foreign Exchange Student”. It will be broadcasted on December 22 and might be a one-episode arc for Team 15. Is Tsubaki an ally or will she become an enemy? Stay tuned for more updates regarding the Boruto series.