Tonikaku Cawaii Anime Adaptation Announced

One of the winners of the 5th Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Award, 2019 in the print Category Tonikaku Cawaii aka Fly me to the moon is getting its anime adaptation. The series is called TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You. Tonikaku Cawaii is a Japanese Shounen Manga series illustrated and written by Kenjiro Hata. It … Read more

The 4-Koma Manga Of “Uma Horse Pretty Derby” Is Getting A Short Animation

The spin-off 4-Koma manga of the Uma Horse Pretty Derby is here!!. Moreover, it will be airing in as a cute chibi-animation short series. This short animation series will focus on the daily life of the cute Uma Musume (horse girl) at Toresen School while featuring every character. The storyline is mixed with the original … Read more

“Date-A-Bullet” updates And Casts – A New Upcoming Spin-off Movie From Light Novel Featuring: “Tokisaki Kurumi”:

In this post we’ll be talking about Date A Bullet which is an upcoming movie spin-off from Date A Live. This year might be the worst the one of all but it doesn’t seem for the anime industries.., for the Movie of the most popular series, “Date-A-Live” is here, with featuring in main the best … Read more