Avengers Tower Sold: Tom Holland Knows The Buyer and So Does Zendaya

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Avengers Tower Sold Tom Holland Knows The Buyer

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When it comes to superhero fantasy, Marvel is the first word on mouth. If we talk about recent events, it seems like Marvel is on a mission to convert every possible human on this planet. He loves superhero fantasy into a True Believer (stan lee quoted it a long ago). From Avengers: Endgames to Eternal, From Loki to Hawkeye, Marvel produces great movies and series to satisfy their fans. Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, built the Stark Tower or Avengers Tower, and it has been a significant part of almost every Marvel’s Avengers installment. In 2019, the president and the primary producer of Marvel Universe, Kevin Feige, revealed that there is no confirmation or any sort of clue that what will happen or who will buy Avengers Tower. And recently it was revealed that the tower was already bought by someone. But by who?

Who Bought Avengers Tower?

After Spider-Man Homecoming, fans were quite curious to know who would buy the Avengers Tower. If you can remember, In Spider-Man Homecoming, Happy Hogan revealed that Tony Stark decided to sell the tower, and after that, we saw Happy and his team moving the items out of the tower. This was the first clue that showed the tower is bought by someone or on a cue of getting sold. In an interview, Holland revealed that he knew he bought the Avengers Tower. BD, aka Brandon Davis, a producer of Phase Zero- MCU, had an interview where he was interviewing Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon. In the interview, Tom revealed that he is aware-

There have been major theories that lead in the direction of Norman’s Osborn’s OsCorp or the Baxter Building that may connect with the purchasing of Avenger’s Tower. And now again, recently, in the ongoing series- Hawkeye featured Avengers Tower, and Clint Barton also confirmed that the building is now sold.

Trin Tanh, the executive producer of Hawkeye, dodged the question when asked about the buyer of Avengers Tower and stated that she would like to know all the fan theories out there regarding purchasing Avengers Tower.

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