Monday, August 15, 2022

Corrections Policy & Diversity

Corrections Policy

Adding Corrections

We at Otakukart News aim for accuracy of the information at all times while we produce content – as well as transparency in corrections. If we update any post because there’s an error in it, we will add a correction in bold letters as well as a side note at the bottom of the post.

This makes certain we remain accountable for our content – and abiding by trusted journalism standards. We aim to be accountable, accurate, and responsible for the content we provide.

Updating Existing Posts

We believe in updating the old or outdated content, we update the evergreen posts whenever new information is available. When any given content is updated, we make sure to add a note of Update as well as the date the post was updated on to make sure that readers stay informed of the changes made in the post.

Diversity Policy

We work actively in reporting stories from around the world related to Entertainment, Gaming, and Sports while staying true to our mission in providing accurate news and updated information. We are actively working on engaging a variety of voices, writers, and news sources in confirming the accuracy of the said news.