Majo No Tabitabi: Episode 4 PV Trailer And Information

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Majo no Tabitabi knew with the English title “The Journey of The Witch Elaina”. The story is just as it sounds like it’s about the story of a Witch, a traveler witch to be more specific including her encounters in that journey. Which are both and good and bad.

The series Majo no Tabitabi is written by Jougi Shiraishi that first debuted as an Amazon’s Kindle e-book in 2014. Later it was acquired by SB created who started publishing the series as a Light Novel with the illustrations of Azure on April 15, 2016. The Fourteen volumes have already been published on this October 2020.


The story is about a young girl name is Elaina. A talented woman who became the highest rank “witch” of a witch at a young age. She longed for the story of the trip that she read in her childhood. When the time came she set on a carefree journey with no aim and destination.

Freely roaming this vast world, touching the beautiful everyday life of strange and funny people and someone
As a traveler, she repeatedly encounters various countries and people without any purpose. And the same number

“Don’t worry. I’m a traveler. I have to hurry.”
The story of encounter and farewell, spun by such a witch Elaina.

In the previous episode, episode 3 was a combination of two stories “The Girl as Pretty as Flower” and “Bottled Happiness”. The previous episode was indeed one sad and dark episode of Majo no Tabitabi compared to the two episodes. Nonetheless, it proves the anime depths to the regular storyteller stories. Which is quite hard to witness compared to the anime nowadays.

The Upcoming 4th episode is “Princess of No People Country”

The upcoming episode this Friday of Majo no Tabitabi is about a Beautiful woman who survived in the only Royal castle that survived the destruction. The Beautiful lady we speak of is a witch and the princess of that country known as Mirarose who has lost her memories. Furthermore, the protagonist of the story who will face the giant monster who destroyed the country.


You can check the PV trailer of the 4th episode here:


Original: Jougi Shiraishi (GA Novel / SB Creative)
Character draft: Azure
Director: Toshiyuki Kubooka
Series composition / Screenplay: Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Character design: Takeshi Oda
Concept design: Kazumasa Uchio
Animation production: C2C

Opening theme: “Literature” by Reina Ueda
Ending Theme: “Gray Saga” by ChouCho

GA Novel “Wandering Witch” (published by SB Creative)
Author: Jougi Shiraishi Illustration: Azure

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