Chapter 336 of My Hero Academia Reveals Yuga Aoyama’s Tragic Past

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My Hero Academia Chapter 336 Yuga Aoyama's Past Revealed

Things are getting really excited with a recent revealing of the actual traitor. Fans thought the stealth hero was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but later, it is revealed that Shining Hero: Yuga Aoyama is the one who is working for All For One. From the beginning of the series, we know that his character seems to be a little suspicious. Apart from that, the series also showed a particular arc in which we got to see the relationship development between Yuga Aoyama and Izuku Midoriya. Was that his plan from all along or a part of All For One’s Strategy?

Yuga Aoyama’s Past

It is already revealed that Aoyama is the traitor working for All For One unwillingly. Unwillingly? Yes, his past showed how he is forced to work for All For One. Like, Izuku Midoriya, Yuga Aoyama was born without any quirk, making him an outcast. His classmates or friends teased him as he did not possess any quirk. Yuga wanted to become a hero as well. So, his parents decided to take a quirk from All For One, which was their biggest mistake.

My Hero Academia chapter 336 revealed that All For One is blackmailing Yuga’s family and forcing Yuga to work for him or else he will annihilate his family. His parents are in utter guilt after realizing that they’ve put their feet in a dark, dense swamp that seems to not give them any freedom. He showed a sense of integrity that no matter what, he had to save his father and mother even if he ended up carrying a boulder of guilt. The creator of the series showed the emotional element between friendship and a sense of responsibility.

Yuga’s past is too symbolic if we see it. Midoriya and Yuga both had quite a similar past. Both were born without any quirk, both were bullied in their childhood, and both borrowed their quirk from the two strongest quirk users. But the difference is Izuku borrowed the quirk from the “Symbol of Peace – One For All,” and Yuga borrowed it from “Symbol Of Evil- All For One.” And now, the result is in front of us.

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