My Hero Academia’s Latest Character Poll Revealed

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My Hero Academia's Latest Character Poll Revealed

My Hero Academia is one of the most prominent anime/manga series. The creator of the series Kōhei Horikoshi already revealed that the manga had entered the Final Act Saga. If we talk about recent events, The number 1 hero of the United States Of America- Star, And Stripe, has lost her life during the battle with Shigaraki but managed to destroy him permanently from inside to some extent. Now, our heroes at UA are making plans to defeat him. But the greatest strategist in the series, All For One, has different plans to resist them. Recently, it was revealed that Laser Hero- Yuga Aoyama is a sleeper cell, and he is working for All For One. The recent events turn out to be in the heroes’ favor as they caught Yuga red-handed.

In the anime series, season 5 revealed that Deku, Bakugou, and Todoroki’s training with Endeavor is complete now complete and they are back to UA. Apart from that, the series final featured Gigantomachia. Besides this, Season 5 was the direct introduction of Villains’ Character development. Shigaraki attained his most lethal form and was ready to inherit All For One’s power. The ending shows that he is going through 4 Months of long, painful sleep.

Now considering, the result should be obvious. But there is a surprise in the list of Poll:-

My Hero Academia’s Latest Character Poll-

On 5th December 2021, Twitter user- @aitaikimochi revealed the recent Boku No Hero Academia Poll-

So, as per the result, Bakugou is in the first Position followed by Izuku and Todorki. Hawks also made it to the list of top 10. But who is Rody? Rody Soul is a character from My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission. It seems fans loved this character, and he managed to get 9th Position.

The most surprising element is that Shigaraki didn’t make it to the list, which was shocking. The revealing of Tomura Shigaraki’s past in My Hero Academia season 5 and the character development he got with a tragic past as a villain is something fans should love. Apart from that, his leadership skills have been so polished now that he deserves to be on the list.

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