Eichiro Oda Answered Fans Questions in One Piece Volume 101

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One Piece Volume 101 Oda Answered Fans Questions

On December 2, 2021, the official Twitter handle of One Piece revealed the most awaited- One Piece Volume 101 Cover. As we all know that on the occasion of the 100th Volume, Oda is putting together a three-volume cover spread, with volumes 99, 100, and 101. The last time he did the same was on releasing Volume 21 and 22. Aside from that, Volume 101 is the third and final of three covers celebrating the 100th Volume. It seems like 2021 is the celebration year for Eiichiro Oda and his staff. In January 2021, the manga completed 1000 chapters, and On November 20, 2021, the anime adaptation touched the 1000 episode milestone. It took almost 22 years for Oda in order achieve that much-

One Piece Manga SBS Volume 101

For those who don’t know, SBS stands for “Shitsumon o Boshū Suru,” meaning “I’m Taking Questions.” SBS is a special column printed that follows the format of questions and answers. But before going further, here is the official tweet that of One Piece Volume 101 Cover-

The official title of One Piece Volume 101 is “The Stars Take the Stage.” As you can see, Kaido, in his Hybrid Form Uo Uo no Mi, shows that things will get crazy from now onwards. Apart from this, the Volume also revealed information regarding the most famous yet undercover character- Shanks. We got to know some valuable information regarding it.

One Piece Volume 101: Details Regarding Shanks, His Crew And Much More

Shanks has one of the best crew on his side. So, there was a question that asked the names of his crew members. Oda answered it, and the names are- Shanks, Ben Beckman, Lucky Roux, Yasopp, Limejuice, Bonkpunch, Monster, Building Snake, Hongou, Howling Grab, and Rockstar.

Apart from that, Oda also revealed the three mysterious characters who appeared in One Piece Chapter 1024. According to Eiichiro Oda, all of them are Daimyo-

Daimyo of Ringo- Shimotski Ushimaru, Daimyo of Kibi- Fuugetsu Omusubi, and Daimyo of Udon.

It seems Oda played it smartly SBS Column as he answered the questions regarding Shanks. In this, he builds the hype among fans regarding the upcoming movie One Piece Film: Red

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