Netflix Brings 90’s Manga Yu Yu Hakusho into a Live Action Series!

Yu Yu Hakusho gets a live-action adaptation

Netflix is a beloved OTT platform and adored by many worldwide for its original programming, variety of shows, and bringing amazing content from around the world in one place. The platform is also known for breathing lives back into some of the beloved shows that were canceled for one reason or another (Lucifer, Money Heist). … Read more

Kingdom Chapter 664 update and Recap


From the latest chapter of this manga, the fierce battle between Qin and Zhao at the border rises at its peak. The Gaku-Ka army and the Gyoku Hou army gets in between Qin and Zhao. Zhao is also surprised by the Gaku-Ka army’s revolution and a man from Moubu’s army is there. Vice general Aisen … Read more