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The Wooga Squad To Reunite for Peakboy’s Upcoming Track ‘Gyopo Hair’

The Wooga Squad in Peakboy's "Gyopo Hair"
All members of the Wooga Squad to make cameo in Peakboy's new MV

We previously shared that Park Hyung Sik and BTS’s V might star in Peakboy’s new Music video. But, it is confirmed now that all members of the Wooga Squad will be making a cameo. The fans were excited to see BTS’s V and Hwarang actors sharing the screen. However, their joy has escalated with new updates. Apparently, South Korean model and actor Han Hyun Min will also make an appearance in the video. Peakboy’s upcoming track is titled “Gyopo Hair,” which has increased the level of curiosity among Wooga squad fans. Hence, here are all the essential updates on Gyopo Hair.

The Wooga Squad in Peakboy's "Gyopo Hair"

Han Hyun-Min

Previously, Sports Chosun announced that Park Hung Sik and V are in talks to appear in the video. But, now all the members -Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Sik, V, Peakboy, and Park Hyung Sik- and Han Hyun Min will appear. While you are already familiar with The Wooga squad members, here’s what you should know about Hyun-Min. He is the first South Korean model of African descent. The model is currently starring in Netflix’s Korean sitcom, So Not Worth It. 

The Wooga Squad in Peakboy’s “Gyopo Hair”

“Gyopo Hair” is defined as an electronic hip-hop single. Peakboy’s agency, Neuron Music, confirmed his comeback release date and further details. Moreover, it was shared that the song is a tribute to the 90s hairstyle, which became super popular back in the late 20th century. Written and composed by Peakboy, “Gyopo Hair” on July 25 at 11:oo am KST.  So, are you ready to witness The Wooga Squad and Han Hyun Min in the new music video?

The Wooga Squad in Peakboy's "Gyopo Hair"

The Wooga Squad

The fans are excited. Furthermore, some wonder if the famous artists and actors will change their hairstyles for the music video. Well, we will know the answer once the music video drops.

Until then, have a look at the recent Wooga Squad reunion that happened in early July.

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