Top 10 Facts About Flash That You May Not Know in 2022

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Top 10 facts about flash which you may not know: fastest in universe
Flash a speedster

Flash, the fastest man alive in the whole universe, is a character that was created by the writer Garden Fox and the artist, Harry Lampert. Flash as a superhero debuted in the 1940s. He is an American DC comic character who gained popularity in the Silver Age. This was the same time when Superman’s popularity was declining. He was even a member of ‘The Justice Society of America, ‘The Justice League’ and ‘Teen Titans’.

The role of flash has been named differently in different movies, comics, and series from time to time but the one that gained the most popular name was “Barry Allen”. Barry Allen is, therefore, the alter ego of Flash. Flash is sometimes also known as “Scarlett speedster“. He is known for his super-speed, which sometimes even exceeds the speed of light. But there is a lot more to know about him apart from his basic story and powers. So, In this article, we will be uncovering 10 unknown facts about Flash that we help you more to have a sneak peek into this interesting character. So let’s just get started.

10. Flash got a Speedy Mind too!

Flash is not just physically a ‘speedster’ but also uses his mind faster than anything. He can process information in a flick of time and even react to his enemy’s moves. Obviously, How can you perform physically without a fit mind? Right? Only a sharp speedy mind will let you act speedily too. Isn’t it? Controlling or reading his mind, therefore, is quite difficult for his enemies, whether they are telepathy attacks of any sort by the gorilla Grodd or Black lantern. He says to Superman, “What do I see when I run around the country? I see everything and everyone.” 

unknown facts about flash : speedy mind
Super speedy mind along with speedy body

9. Powers Other than speed

Well! we already know how speedy his body and his mind are by now. But we will list some of his unknown powers too. One of them is “time travel”. He can stop time or reverse it, too, and hence can even create a universe of his own. He even created it once and named it ‘Flashpoint’. In the movie “justice league(2011)” directed by Zack Snyder, Flash runs faster than the speed of light to save the universe by changing time by a few minutes, preventing the merger of mother boxes in space. Another example is from “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of justice and flashpoint” where he time travels to protect his mother from dying.

Apart from his time travel abilities, Flash has super speedy digestion too. And now we know why he’s gotta slim trim body and speed. Flash can also punch his enemies harder than the impact of a meteorite hitting on the surface of the earth.

8. More Than One Flash

Yes! There is more than one “speedster” in the DC comics. The popular one is Barry Allen, whom we have known since 1956. He was a scientist. But what we don’t know is ‘Jay Garrick’ who was the first flash from the 1940s. Also, in “Batman vs. Superman: Generations 2,” three different Flash appeared at different times. Wally West is the kid Flash who appeared in 1964. He was Barry’s nephew. Another kid, Flash, Carrie, appeared in 1986. He was Flash’s cousin. Son of Wally and Mangda- Jay West, was the fifth one to appear in 2008. All these together were Flash’s family. There is also a Chinese Flash named Avery Ho who appeared somewhere around 2017.

10 unknown facts of flash : more than one flash
All “Flash” in the single frame

7. Voice Modulation

We know Batman uses a special device by which he can modulate his voice in certain forms for special communications. But Flash can do this without using those high-tech devices. Flash has an in-built ability by which he can modulate the vibrations of his soundbox (Larynx) to make signals of various pitches. These sounds can only be understood by anyone from his own family or the ones who work with him.

6. Flash Can Fly

Flash can fly. No! he didn’t get any caped suit, nor did he grow wings. Our superhero flies using tornadoes. Yes, the tornadoes. He uses his vortex power to create a tornado and uplifts himself into the sky by entering it. In “Justice League unlimited,” Flash falls off a jet. But thanks to his speedy mind, he creates a vortex using his arms and manages to skip that fall.

He can even run on clouds as the water vapors are enough to hold his weight for a moment before jumping off to the next one. He also can run on water. However, these actions are especially associated with Barry and Wally because of their super speeds. Although this cannot be technically called flying, they are still a flight off the ground. So why not?

Top 10 facts about flash : flying
Flash flying over the clouds

5. He Created Himself

Weird but true. We all know how Barry Allen become Flash. Barry was a forensic chemist in Police. One day, while he was working late at night in his office, a bolt of lightning enters his room so hard that it shatters everything around, and the chemicals kept aside drenches Barry’s body. After an unconscious break, he realizes that he can run like a superhuman and got super reflexes and healing powers.

Arbout 30 years later, Flash was fighting a nasty supervillain called “Anti Monitor,” who appeared in the 1985 comic series “Crisis on Infinite Earths“. In the process of struggling against this challenging monster, Flash had to run at speed higher than ever, resulting in a time travel straight to the room of Barry spilling chemicals on him. That means the lightning bolt which made Barry a speedster “Flash” was none other than the actual flash from the future.

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4. A Suit In a Ring

Flash is a hero who grows better with time. It was around the 1950s when the second Flash, Barry Allen, was seen using a ring to throw out his suit and wear it up before going out for the mission. And how is this even possible? Well! The creators later explained it to be a chemically treated suit that can expand and shrink to get fit in a small ring. It is believed that the expansion power of the suit was 9 times the airbags.

10 facts about flash : suit
Flash’s suit inside his ring

3. He Actually Killed

Superheroes usually don’t kill villains unless they find themselves in their worst situation. The only villain that Flash killed was Dr. Zoom. This is shown in “The Flash” (2016), season-2 in episode number-22, where flash breaks Zoom’s head, who wants to kill his wife.

Dr. Zoom, aka Professor Eobard Thawne, and “Reverse Flash” is from the 25th century who wants to kill Flash and destroy the multiverse with only earth remaining to rule upon. Zoom travels back in time and kills Iris, their wife of Flash. But flash forgives him and moves on. When Flash finds love again in the form of Fionna Webb, Zoom threatens him on his wedding day that he will kill her too. Afraid of losing his love all again, Flash kills Dr. Zoom by breaking his neck. Raged by this, his fiancee Fionna leaves him at the wedding venue all alone, and he is also tried in court later for killing the professor.

10 facts about flash : kills dr zoom
Flash killed Dr. Zoom: the only one in this category

2. Faster Than Superman

Flash and Superman are the two characters seen competing with each other on “who’s the fastest one?”. They even raced on various occasions, but either they ended up in a tie or were interrupted by some emergency attacks. It was Jim Shooter’s “Superman” where both of them raced for the first time. But it ended up in a tie. In “Flash: Rebirth”, a miniseries by Geoff Johns and Ethan van, while racing for the 8th time superman reminds Flash of the two races won by him where Flash replies that those races were charity, and this was the time where Flash leaves Superman in dust beating him in the race.

Top 10 facts about flash : vs superman
Superman and Flash racing against each other

1. His Secret Evil Twin Brother

A few people know about Malkolm Thawne, aka Cobalt Blue is the evil twin of Flash. Following a typical story of the two brothers somehow separated in their childhood, DC’s ‘New Earth’ reunites the two in the most dramatic way. Where Flash has become a superhero, Cobalt is a supervillain. According to the story, Malkolm is the elder twin who was given to a wealthy couple in the hospital where they were born. The couple had lost their child because of the carelessness of Dr. Gilmore, and to repair this loss, the hospital staff reported him dead to Flash’s parents and handed him to the Thawne couple. Later, when he learns he was adopted, he kills his father. His jealousy of Barry’s happy life as a scientist turns him against his own brother.

Top 10 facts about flash : evil twin
Cobalt Blue is the evil elder twin of Flash.

So here are we wrapping up the 10 unknown facts about “Flash,” our speedy hero. Hope this article made you wonder all again how much you have known him as a hero.

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