Top 10 Things To Know About Batman

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Top 10 Things You Know About Batman
"The batman" movie released on 4th March 2022

Do you remember Batman? Who is he? What was the last movie on batman? Well, we think we know Batman, but still many things are often missed. Recently, Batman is the talk of the town all again with the release of “The Batman” movie. This time it stars Robert Pattinson as Batman (the superhero), Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, and Paul Dano as Riddler (supervillain). It was released in theatres on 4th March 2022, about 10 years later after”The Dark Knight rises” in 2012. And, since batman’s first movie was released in 1943, this is the 19th appearance of Batman as a superhero through “The Batman”, including the series, animations, and movies made so far.

In this article, we are going to have a look at the top 10 things we must know about Batman by asking a few the questions like Who is batman? How was he born? Does he have a love life? What are his superpowers and skills that he uses against his enemies? What gadgets does he have? and What makes him different from other superheroes? So, Let’s begin.

10. Who is Batman?

Batman was a DC comic superhero created by Bob Kane. It debuted in the 27th issue of the Detective Comics (DC) series in 1939. Going with the storyline, Batman is a superhero version of Bruce Wayne. Bruce is a wealthy, American industrialist and philanthropist. He lives in Gotham city. He is the only child of Thomas (a well-known surgeon) and Martha, his wife.

Batman is often nicknamed as ‘Caped Crusader’, ‘Worlds greatest detective’, and ‘The dark knight’

top 10 things yyou know about batman: bruce wayne
Bruce Wayne: a billionaire industrialist

9. How Bruce Becomes Batman?

The comic version says that batman witnesses his parent’s death by a criminal named Joe Chill and decides to take revenge. As a result, he trains both physically and mentally to develop strength and improve his intellectual skills. He oaths to fight crime and work for establishing justice. And hence, he develops a bat-inspired suit over Bruce and monitors his city, especially at night to check crime. And this is how Batman is born.

8. Powers of Batman

Being a vengeance, Batman is like a knight. He is a superhuman more than a superhero. He fights for a cause which is “justice”. He is the owner of immense wealth. He invests this wealth in research on highly advanced gadgets that will help him fight his enemies. He is also a Polymath who has a praiseworthy grip in multiple disciplines.

Top 10 Things You Know About Batman : powers
The glide of Batman. A look enough to shake the enemies off.

He has mastered around 127 kinds of martial arts. Owing to his sharp and quick mind with an IQ of 192, he is the greatest detective among all the DC superheroes. Even superman accepted this in “Superman: doomed”. All these make Batman a self-made superhero with some exceptional fighting as well as intellectual skills.

7. Gadgets of Batman

As mentioned earlier, being endowed with exceptional intelligence along with billions in his pocket, Batman is the owner of some high-end and advanced technologies. They are all embedded with a “bat motif“. Batman has some really cool gadgets which are so different and unique at the same time.

Top 10 things to know about batman: car
The Bat-themed car of Batman

The most iconic is his “batsuit“. Although modified with time, the cowl, his cape to fly from building to building in between the streets, bat-like ears, bat motif on his chest, and that utility storage belt remained the same. Unlike normal fancy suits, this one is bulletproof armed with scallops on arms, and has a taser gun. “Batmobile” a car designed like a bat and a personal aircraft “batplane” also belong to him.

to 10 things to know about batman
Batman with his Batarang, a bat-shaped boomerang

Other gadgets include the “Batarang”- a bat-shaped boomerang, sonar goggles, flying eye, lightsaber, etc.

6. What is Batman’s style of work?

Batman works more like a cop than a superhero. He believes that criminals should fear his sight and should no longer dare commit a crime. That’s why he “Bat” theme himself and faces criminals on dark nights. He likes to work alone. But he is seen in partnership with Robin aka Dick Grayson. He became a founding member of “The Justice Society of America”. He also worked as a team member in the “Justice League” and “the outsiders”.

Batman works with bat signal. Whenever he is needed, Gotham police puts a searchlight over a lens with a bat insignia. This gets reflected on a nearby cloud in the sky. It can be seen from anywhere in the city. However, later in the 1960s Batman series, the batphone was also used.

Batman initially vowed to “never kill their enemy” and believed they must get the punishment they deserve. He would send them to jail for trials after beating the hell outta them. But in later versions we see him killing too. The enemies killed by him included Joker, a vampire monk, and Dracula. But in the recent Robert Pattinson version in the recent movie, we hear him say “He must not kill”.

Top 10 Things You Know About Batman : batsignal
The Bat-signal that can be seen from anywhere in the Gotham City

5. Batman’s Secret headquarter

Superheroes usually lead their life in mansions or flats, but batman lives in a cave. Yes! a cave! but since it’s the cave of a superhero, it has to be something special. Isn’t it? His cave is also called “Batcave” which is furnished with all the high-tech belongings you can ever imagine. His cave is his headquarters too and hence it has supercomputers, monitoring devices, a forensic lab, a garage, a training area, a medical room, a private study room, workshops, and even a secret underground railroad as shown in the 2005 movie “Batman begins”.

4. Did Batman ever fall in Love?

Being a crime fighter, Batman seems to have a zero love interest. But there are many instances from different versions, him having a girlfriend or girlfriends. Some were for the sake of his mission or short-lived. He was involved as Bruce Wayne with Julie Madison (1939), Silver Cloud, and Vicki Vale. He even got attracted to his allies such as wonder woman, Batwoman, and Sasha Bordeaux. He hooked up with the villains too like Jezebel, Pamela (Poison Ivy), Talia-ul-Ghul, and finally Catwoman. He has a boy with Talia named Damian Wayne and a girl with Catwoman named Helena Wayne.

Selina Kyle aka Cat woman has been the most important one in an On and Off situation. She was present in almost all the versions of batman. Even in the latest movie “The Batman” 2022  Zoe Kravitz is seen playing the role of Catwoman. A burglar turned partner, Selina is seen romancing Bruce during the 1980s while in 2018 ‘s “Batman” Batman and Catwoman become a pair.

Top 10 Things You Know About Batman : love
Batman with Catwoman in “The Batman”,2022

3. Sidekicks and allies

Although Batman loved to work alone, he had many companions during his lifetime. They were known as Batfamily. They consisted of masked side-heroes who were either trained by Batman or worked in Gotham city under him. The most prominent one is Robin, the world’s first hero sidekick, who debuted in 1940 as a child. He later assumed the title of Nightwing in 1984 when he grew up. Others who have been a part of this team include Catwoman, Alfred pennyworth (the butler and a father figure to the Wayne family), Batgirl, Jason Todd(the red hood), Helena Bertinelli (Huntress), Stephanie Brown (Robin-Batgirl) as she was the sidekick to both Batman and Robin), Carry kelly (The lady robin), etc.

Top 10 Things You Know About Batman : robin
Batman with Robin, his first companion in fighting crime

2. Some Tough Villains

Heroes are nothing without villains. Agree? Why not? After all, it’s the villain for whom a hero is born. Right? Batman too encountered many criminals in his life. But sometimes even villains become a tough competition to our heroes. The Joker is believed to be the toughest villain for batman since his first appearance in the 1940s. A clown-faced psychopath who is difficult to understand but is brutal in every way possible.

Ra ul Ghal was a villain who operated on a global level instead of only Gotham. His daughter Talia ul Ghal was Batman’s enemy too who later falls in love with him. Who can be eviler than a villain who has the brain of a scientist? Dr. Hugo Strange. A psychologist by occupation, who often manipulated villains to get their plan and use them against batman so that he can rule Gotham city. Scarecrow and Blackmask are two other villains who even killed their families for their ambitions to destroy Gotham and batman.

Top 10 Things You Know About Batman : joker
One of the toughest villains for batman: The Joker

1. How Batman is Different From other Marvel superheroes?

Batman is an ordinary man who changed himself inside-out just to fight the crime he witnessed in his childhood. His parents died in front of him. So basically he is a superhero without any superpowers. He displays the very consciousness of a normal human being who got no shield, no spider web, no krypton derived strength, no electric shocks, and no bodily powers to fly or change the size of his body. What makes him different is his billionaire status. Recently, he is compared to the Moon Knight, an upcoming not-so-famous character of Marvel.

So, these were the top 10 must-know things about Batman. Hope this article helped you know everything about Batman.

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