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Top Ten Most Important Gods of the Marvel Universe

Hela: The Goddess of Death

While most of the stories are about heroes and superheroes, Marvel Cinematic Universe has given us a bunch of characters, who are more powerful and imposing than that of the superheroes, and in a way, even control them. The tales of victories and falls are surely very common in every fictional world, but it’s different from their Gods, who give these supernatural characters a wide frame of reference. These Supreme powers have lent their hands in the formation of the universe and have been managing its existence as well. Deities like Thor and Loki, originally belong to the Norse mythology, but eventually managed to make their distinct identity under the Marvel brand

Here we have analysed the importance of the different Gods, ‘good’ and ‘evil’ alike, based on their powers and strengths, who have made their appearance in the MCU world. Have a look at it.

10. LOKI

One of the most captivating Gods in the Marvel Universe, Loki, the God of Mischief, has an array of magical talents, making him a major threat to his enemies, and a longstanding thorn in Thor’s way. Though weak in physical strength, Loki’s gift for illusion, his tactical and cunning ability to think and manipulate people’s minds, make him escape from any difficult situation. He has always wanted to be the ultimate owner of the throne, and get noticed by others more than that of his brother, Thor.


He has the reputation of a trickster in the Marvel world and has been regarded as one of the most manipulative villains. He always has things on his mind that will eventually benefit him. Loki has been able to overcome some of the most difficult situations, as an Asgardian and Frost Giant, including the time when he used his powers and turned himself into a giant while fighting against Lady Sif. In the comics, he even gave Thor a hard time during a fight since his reflexes are in accordance with his thoughts. He has been beheaded once, but still managed to survive in style, picking it up and placing it back in its place.


The son of Odin and Gaea, Thor is one of the most powerful and popular gods in the Marvel Universe, often regarded as the greatest warrior of Asgard. With the help of his immensely powerful hammer, Mjolnir, which makes him almost undefeatable. However, he has still been beaten several times but has managed to overcome the obstacles owing to his powers and his determination to always come back stronger. Thor Odinson, is an incredibly strong warrior, aided by his physical strength and incentive thinking, even when his Mjolnir and mantle are not present with him.


During the Siege storyline, Thor succeeded in stopping the Norman Osborn along with his Dark Avengers from managing to invade Asgard. Later when Sentry came into the picture to topple the city, he was defeated by Thor. Being the God of Thunder, Thor owns the control of various forms of storms including rain, wind, lightning, and use them as his weapons. He has a great durability power, due to which he could withstand the energy blasts coming from the Celestials. Without any break, he has fought against the Frost Giants for months and ultimately defeated them.


She is not only one of the most popular deities of the Marvel world, but also a very powerful one, which is quite obvious considering the fact that she is the goddess of death. The ruler of Niflheim and Hel, her character has been based on the Norse goddess Hel. Although she is not the physical incarnation of death, she has been designated to be that by none other than Odin himself. If you have read the comics, you must be knowing that she is actually the daughter of Loki, not the one we know, but a different incarnation of him who had died during another Ragnarok. However, in the movies, she was portrayed as the first-born child of Odin, who has proven from time to time how competent she is, winning various battles against her brother Thor, and standing out as a major threat to the god of thunder, which he has acknowledged at multiple occasions.


Hela had earlier defeated the Valkyries for gaining power, turning them into Fire Demons when Odin fell prey to his Odinsleep. Whenever an Asgardian God die, Hela is responsible for separating the soul from the body of the individual and bring it into the afterlife world. She is even capable of creating illusions and travelling back in time.

7. BOR

The grandfather of Thor, and Odin’s father, Bor was one of the first deities who battled in order to bring peace and harmony to the realms. He had laid the foundation of Norse mythology, and was even present when the universe was being created. He had the ability of Master Combatant, allowing him to confront several Dark Elves at once, and Master Tactician, using which he had won the First Battle of Svartalfheim against the Dark Elves.


Bor, though has been designated as the god of great strength, he doesn’t have power as much as his son, Odin. He died in the war against the Frost Giants, which was manipulated to be the current-day Loki, who travelled back in time to ensure his right to the throne in Asgard. Still, Bor is a figurehead, and a character who had never got the spotlight to showcase the amount of power he owned, during the peak of his rule.

6. Atum

A primordial creature created by the Demiurge and Gaea, in order to prevent the Elder Gods’ interference between the new life brewing on Earth, Atum is a powerful and imposing Egyptian deity, popularly known as the God-Eater. After he finishes his task, he flew up to the sun, releasing a huge amount of energy that he had accumulated from slaying the Elder Gods. Atum, along with Gaea, protected humanity and helped in evolution, and even came back later when he was needed by Gaea.


His demonic appearance was owing to a curse that followed him after he slew all the demons of Egypt, and sent them away from the planet. He did not born evil but transformed completely after he destroyed the evil. He fought with the god of chaos and evil, Set, for millions of years when he wanted to eradicate the entire dinosaur race from the Earth until he retreated to the sun and Set returned to his own dimension. He was seen leading the Egyptian gods for a while before coming back to his God-Eater form, and in Secret Invasion where he confronted the Skrull gods, as a part of the God Squad.

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Odin is an extremely important God to the realm of Midgard and Asgard, and even though Thor and Odin aren’t seen having a direct encounter with each other much, the mutual respect that they have for each other still prevails. Odin is a type of leader who can be full of himself, and at times very brutal and cruel, he is tactical in nature which makes him a competent ruler. In the past, he has served as a warlord, and is aware of acting according to the situation.


With the help of Odinforce, he can use a massive amount of magic and perform some unbelievable deeds. When Loki determined to send two of Odin’s biggest enemies, Surtur and Skagg to the Earth, in Journey Into Mystery #104, Odin gets informed immediately and easily relocates the entire humanity to a different dimension to ensure their safety. Moreover, he has the capability to read the minds of people, from across the universe.


Surtur is a fire demon who was one of the strongest evil threats present in the Norse mythology, destined to bring the Ragnarok. Surtur is said to have fiery skin and horns, along with a demonic appearance, like a big red creature, wielding a hammer. One of the scariest villains in the superhero world, Surtur was portrayed as a threat who was impossible to be defeated, and one could only delay him. The context in which the other Marvel Gods mentioned him even made the fans excited to see him in a film.


The fact that he had almost destroyed Midgard and Asgard earlier countless number of times, says how powerful he actually was. In Thor #177, when he had crossed the Bifrost, Odin was sent to the Sea of Eternal Night in a capsule and if not for Odin waking up, Surtur could have been successful in destroying Asgard. However, that resulted in the falling of both Surtur and Odin into an inter-dimensional rift. He was almost done with burning everything in the Nine Realms, with the help of his city of Muspelheim, and the energies extracted from the cities of Manchester Gods.


The Goddess of Earth, Gaea is one of the few deities who has the power to cross between more than two mythologies— the Norse, the Greek, as well as the Egyptian mythology. She is the incarnation of life and growth, in the Marvel Universe, and all living beings on Earth have been infused with her essence. The biological mother of Thor, Gaea is one of the first Gods created on Earth, and even managed to avoid being affected by the plague due to which the other Gods turned into demons. Gaea does not fight, but instead, she operates on a larger scale, handling the balance of life of the whole universe. This shows that as long as life exists on the Earth, her powers will remain unwavering.


She is also the creator of Atum, who, as Demogorge, destroyed the other Elder Gods and thus saved the planet. Moreover, she let the dinosaurs go extinct, and allowed the human race to thrive on the planet, paving way for evolution. Gaea can therefore control and improvise every Earthly creation that she desires to toy around with.


Death is the physical embodiment of death itself, born along with the birth of the universe, and representing the endgame of the cosmic world, along with the lives of every living being. Although several of the Gods have already avoided her, and even managed to return from her, it is still impossible to defeat Death. Although she has an immeasurable amount of power, she uses other beings to complete her dirty works, and the things she did with Thanos prove the point. Thanos courted her and both of them went on to devour several other worlds and destroyed different species along their way. She wasn’t satisfied even then, and made many others fall for her and continued the task to finish the existence of everything.


She is also the goddess capable of manipulating time, space, reality and other factors responsible for the existence of life, which even suggests that she can grant life back to the ones whom she wants to live. She gets stronger with the increase in the number of souls dying in the Marvel world.


He has been portrayed as the supreme power, responsible for the creation of the entire universe and beyond that in the Marvel world, as evident by his name. One Above All is also the boss of the Living Tribunal, whose power is unimaginable as well. He was mentioned for the very first time in Sensational Spider-Man #40, and in Thor Annual #14, it was said that the strength of One Above All is even greater than the combined strength of all of his creations.

One Above All

When the One Above All makes his first appearance, he was disguised as a beggar and comforted Peter Parker after he falls into a state of depression. He makes sure that Parker realises his worth, and also that even though his life can be in a mess at one point, it cannot change the good things he has done to people and the number of lives that he has saved. That is how we imagine the Supreme to be, isn’t it? Who else could have motivated Peter Parker at that time other than him, which lead him to have a happy and peaceful life.

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