All the fusions of dragon ball ranked by popularity


Its the weakest fusion in dragon ball  and also an accident. Shin and kibiito permanently fused together to form this fusion But he can put up a good fight


The namekian

The fusion of piccolo with neil during frieza saga and with kami during android saga is much loved by fans and makes piccolo even stronger

Perfect cell

He packed a lot more power than the imperfect cell and beat down trunks and vegeta, who are one of the strongest  saiyans.


Fans loved when goten and trunks fused to defeat buu but the attitude gotenks had was that of a kid which made him weak.

Baby vegeta

one of the best arc of dragon ball gt. He was an amazing villain and goku had to power up a lot to defeat him. Vegeta served as the perfect host here.

super android 17

He was an underrated villain in dragon ball gt and goku faced a hard time to defeat him. Android 17 and hellfighter 17 fused together for this deadly fusion.

Fused zamasu

The fusion of mortal goku black and immortal zamasu had unrealistic power and was a deadly antagonist in dragon ball super. 


Goku had to go ultra instict to face this deadly fusion of caulifla and kale. She had amazing power and is one of the best fusions of dragon ball super.


The deadly fusion of goku and vegeta to defeat broly in dragon ball super had unimaginable power and fans did go mad when the fight happened.


Vegito is even more powerful than gogeta, as the fusion was done with the help of potara earrings and was more stable. goku and vegeta became formidable in this fusion.