anime coming to netflix in september 2022


Jojo's bizzare adventure

more episodes of this anime started airing on netflix from september 1 2022. A much awaited title for fans


New episodes for this anime will be released on 15th september. a total of 11 more episodes will be releasing soon

drifting home

AN iconic anime movie from the studio that created a whisker away will be releasing on september 16th 2022. A visual masterpiece.

cyberpunk edgerunners

A highly anticipated anime from studio tigers will arrive on netflix around september 13th 2022. Set in the world of cyberpunk 2077 , a very famous game.

pokemon arceus chronicles

it is a limited series which has already aired in japan but will be available on netflix from september 23rd 2022. 

romantic killer

The amazing rom-com manga releasing as an anime on netflix in late september or october. 

fullmetal alchemist: the final alchemy

Although it is a live action movie of fullmetal alchemist but a must watch and much awaited for anime fans.  It wiill start streaming from september 24 2022.