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Blackpink performs new Single 'Pink Venom' at VMA, See Photos

BLACKPINK, the first Korean girl group to perform on the VMAs 2022 stage, made a...

Hell of an entrance with a performance of their new hit "Pink Venom."

Their most recent single, Pink Venom, is taken from the forthcoming album Born Pink

The group stole the show with their flawless sass and elegance as they...

Made their way down the red carpet to the awards event dressed in synchronized all-black attire.


did  they  win any  award


They brought home the prizes for Best Metaverse Performance and a...

Solo victory for Lisa for Best K-pop on Sunday night


BLACKPINK's performance of Pink Venom, which received a lot of positive online feedback, was captured on camera and uploaded on the MTV VMAs' official Instagram page