by richard rosales

Boxer Isiah Jones Tragically Died at The Age of 28

Isiah Jones was recently reported to have passed away at the age of 28.

Isiah Jones/MSN

According to his trainer, he was shot and killed during an argument with...

Isiah Jones/Abrams Boxing

a family member.

Isiah Jones/Real Combat Media

He was having an argument with his brother on Monday night just before getting shot in the head.

Isiah Jones/Mufcarena

According to the police, the incident happened in the 9300-block of Stout Street.

Isiah Jones/MSN

The police spokesperson did not release any statements regarding who killed Jones.

Isiah Jones/Abrams Boxing

He won the National Golden Gloves in 2016 and reportedly had a 52-2 amateur record.

Isiah Jones/Tapology

He won his first fight under Roshawn Jones and lost seven fights after leaving the camp.

Isiah Jones/The Sun