BY NIrali rathod

Chris Hemsworth's Dad Is As Fit As Him!

Chris Hemsworth's Dad Is As Fit As Him!

The Hemsworth brothers, Chris and Liam, are among the fittest brothers in Hollywood...

Craig Hemsworth/Google

but it turns out that their father, Craig, is also incredibly fit. 

Fitness is in the blood! In a video posted on Instagram on Sunday, Chris Hemsworth's father, 67, appears...

to be keeping up with his Thor star son during a sweaty Father's Day workout.

The father-son team worked out by doing 12 bicep curls using hefty dumbbells.

The duo continued doing push-up claps for 10 reps and a farmer's carry for 10 yards.

Chris commended his father, with whom he has been working out in the gym since he was a toddler.

Also, Fans were amassed by Craig's Fitness in the video with his son.