JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Strongest Characters


Giorno Giovanna

With his Stand, Gold Experience, Giorno Giovanna is extremely powerful.


He had incredible speed and strength.  Kars was seemingly invincible and became the embodiment of all life.


Diavolo, the leader of the renowned Passione crime family, was the true enemy of Golden Wind

Dio Brando

In the 1980s, Dio Brando made a comeback as DIO, the most powerful vampire in the planet and the bearer of The World

Jotaro Kujo

The character who defeated DIO was Jotaro Kujo, who is undoubtedly the franchise's most iconic hero

Enrico Pucci

Enrico Pucci is one of the most prominent villains , BECAUSE HE assassinated Jotaro Kujo

Josuke Higashikata

his  Crazy Diamond has the power to restore things. It also has the capacity to mend harm and heal wounds.

Yoshikage Kira

Kira's ability to transform anything, alive or not, into a potent bomb with a touch makes her the perfect trap-maker.

Vanilla Ice

he frequently operated his Stand, Cream, which was a humanoid that could be donned like a giant suit of armour.