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karl urban's net worth

karl urban's net worth

Originally from New Zealand, Karl Urban is making his name in Hollywood through Thor, Star Trek, and The Boys. 

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Some of the assets that add to his huge net worth are ...

Karl bought a ravishing house in Herne Bay for $5.25 million. After his divorce in 2014, he sold the house for $6.25 million.

He bought another house in his hometown of around 3,025 sq. m. Besides this, he owns other properties in his hometown itself.

Karl has been seen a few times expressing his love for Aston Martin Vantage GT4 which costs a whopping $150,000.

Urban's biggest break in Hollywood was the 'Lord of the Rings'. This film changed his life for good.

His acting skills in Star Trek and The Boys series has brought him both name and fame making him the most demanded in the industry.

His net worth calculated as per today is estimated to be $20 million.