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Kate Moss and johnny depp relationship timeline

Kate Moss and johnny depp relationship timeline

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss owned the title of ‘it couple’ for four years.

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George Wayne, a celebrity columnist reportedly introduced them to each other at new york’s café Taboc in 1994

Their affair was short lived as they separated in 1997 for which Depp held himself responsible.

The British model reportedly spent ‘years crying’ after their break-up.

Even after their break-up they decided to remain friends and were often seen supporting each other.

Depp was once booked by police for trashing a hotel room while spending quality time with Moss.

 Despite all the tough times the pair faced, Moss is always seen supporting his ex.

Moss testified in favor of Depp against Amber Heard in the defamation trial held earlier in the year.


Depp also talked in favor of Moss when she was facing backlash because of some pictures circulating on the internet.