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KatKin Raises $22 Million on International Cat Day

On International Cat Day KatKin, a London-based on-line cat meals ordering and supply start-up, has raised....


$22 million Series A round

KatKin is a direct-to-consumer customised cat food service that was started by brothers...

Brett and Nikki O'Farrell

The service offered by KatKin is very similar to meal delivery services like Gousto, but for cat food.


Customers pay for a monthly subscription of cat food that is delivered to their home and is produced just for their cat's needs and preferences.

where will be the funds invested  in


The new cash, according to the founders, would be used to increase marketing, Market research, and production capacity.


The pair, who are both cat owners, feel there is an untapped market for selling gourmet cat food online. The siblings promote their delicacies' distinctive recipes and meat content, heavily. Also, a veterinarian nutritionist has created each of its recipes.