Kim Kardashian Discloses The First Text She Sent To Pete Davidson


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Kim Kardashian talked about the first text she sent to her boyfriend, Pete Davidson, after their appearance on ...

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Saturday Night Live



Kim says that she met Davidson at Met Gala 2021, where Davidson gave her advice on how to host the 'SNL.'

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"He gave me good advice, knowing I was gonna be on it, So I just reached out and said, 'Hey, thank you so much for that advice. It was so much fun.' Just something [casual], leaving it open."


Kim additionally revealed on Hulu's reality show The Kardashians that she was the one to reach out Davidson.

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Kim also added that Davidson attempted to give his phone number to her, but she was unable to use her phone due to her outfit's gloves.

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Kim Kardashian also admitted that it was out of her character to send the first text.

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The couple first sparked dating rumors in October 2021 and started going in public as a couple in early 2022.

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