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MCU Theory: Henry CavilL As Hyperion?

MCU Theory: Henry CavilL As Hyperion?

In the second season of Loki, it was rumored that Henry Cavill will play Hyperion and enter...

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Marvel Cinematic Universe

The rumor also stated that he would appear in the series as a The Boys-styled Justice League riff.

Ultimately, he will join forces with Kang the Conqueror in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.

Casting Cavill is ideal, especially with Warner Bros., as Hyperion is sort of an evil version of...


Fans have already expressed their enthusiasm at the notion, wondering how he could resemble Hyperion.

what did dwayne johnson said about cavill



 "He is a phenomenal Superman and Henry Cavill is the Superman of our generation with respect to the other Supermans of the past."