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PUBG New State x Assassin's Creed Collab

PUBG New State x Assassin's Creed Collab

In August 2022, PUBG Battlegrounds and New State Mobile will both feature the Assassin's Creed brought by... 

PUBG & New State Mobile/Pinterest

Krafton and Ubisoft

Assassin's Creed-themed in-game products will be available for players to purchase.

Abstergo Industries has been brought to the realm of PUBG Battlegrounds.

it would also include taking part in a series of exclusive events to collect tickets for an...

Assassin's Creed-themed crate

When the battlefields' realities correspond to the stories from the Animus.

when will the new state mobile and assasin's creed collab begin



The collaboration will officially be from 18th August 2022.