by richard rosales

Ryan Grantham, Riverdale Actor Was Given a Life Sentence For Killing His Mother

Ryan Grantham was recently found guilty of murdering his mother in 2020…

Ryan Grantham/Teen Idols 4 You

and received a life sentence.

Ryan Grantham/Wall of Celebrities

He was given a life sentence on Tuesday and will not be eligible for parole for 14 years.

Ryan Grantham/Fusion Movies

His sentence was expected for admitting to second-degree murder.

Ryan Grantham/People

He shot his old mother while playing the piano at the back of her head.

Ryan Grantham/Narcity

According to reports, Grantham recorded the proceedings as they happened and performed   the murder in front of the court.

Ryan Grantham/US Anygator

The following day, Grantham allegedly carried guns and went to see Justin Trudeau, the prime minister, and intended to kill him.

Ryan Grantham/Gamers Tail

He did, however, surrender himself to Vancouver police.

Ryan Grantham/Fusion Movies