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See Why Hawkeye Can Lead Marvel's Next Superteam

See Why Hawkeye Can Lead Marvel's Next Superteam

Hawkeye is the only one left from The Avengers crew and has experience that none can beat.

Jeremy Renner would act as a great magnet for the box office and attract audience

After getting his own solo show on Disney+, Hawkeye is even more popular among fans 

Until now , many people believe that Hawkeye has been underutilized.

In an interview on BBC 1 radio Renner said..

"Look, Hawkeye was the head of West Coast Avengers. I would personally love to see him be in that sort of leader role"

Fans are waiting for the next leader eagerly. The competitors are Captain Marvel, Falcon, Black Panther. But..

Is hawkeye the best choice as a leader


Hawkeye has experience and also knows a lot of people which would make him resourceful. He's always on earth unlike Captain Marvel. So he is the best fit for a leader.