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Tekken 8 Teased at Evo 2022!

This year, Bandai Namco attended the Evo 2022 competitive event and made a number of significant announcements.

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The Tekken 7 Grand Finals Evo 2022 took place on August 8, 2022

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Following this event, Tekken's creator, Bandai Namco, released another trailer that....

Showcased certain fight balance changes. However, a teaser at the end of the trailer delighted Tekken fans.

what was the trailer about


All of the upgrades that will be introduced in Tekken 7 were shown in the video.

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The famous Tekken clip, in which Kazuya Mishima pushes his father Heihachi Mishima off a cliff, was shown at the conclusion of a trailer.

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A similar post appeared on The Games Awards' official Twitter account shortly after the trailer's release.


Although it hasn't been confirmed yet, it's quite likely that this indicates some information about Tekken 8 will be released during this year's The Games Awards ceremony.