The Flash: Top 10 Suits of The Speedster


Jay Garrick

Due to the darker colours, Hunter Zolomon's outfit is a blend of Jay Garrick's traditional suit from the DC comics and The Rival.


Jordan Fisher's Impulse outfit is officially unveiled by The CW and was influenced by Bart Allen's return to the DC Universe in 2018

Jesse Quick

It was designed with an awareness of a speedster's necessities and protection when moving at extremely high speeds


August Heart, the meta-human speedster Godspeed, is dressed in this protective gear.


Iris West-Allen used the Flash suit as the temporary meta-human known as the Flash, also known as the XS outfit in an erased future.

The Flash (Justice League)

The suit is crimson with a white plate in the back and a golden lightning bolt pattern on the chest.


Reverse-Flash suit, a disguise that he wears while operating as the Reverse-Flash to hide his identity from his victims.

Kid Flash

Wally West dons a suite of safety gear called the Kid Flash suits.  HE RECEIVED IT AS A CHRISTMAS GIFT

The Flash (Season 6)

The season 5 suit's brilliant red hue and symbol are retained in this new design.