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The Gray Man Becomes Netflix's #1 Movie of the Year

The Gray Man premiered on Netflix last month, and despite receiving varying reviews and...

Ratings from viewers, the film is doing well on the streaming platform.

After The Adam Project, the film had Netflix's second-largest opening weekend of the year.

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However, it is currently ranked as the top movie of the year and fourth all-time on Netflix.

how was the  success of the movie celebrated 


The announcement was celebrated by the filmmakers Joe and Anthony Russo earlier on Instagram.

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Netflix promised a sequel and spinoff shortly after...

The Gray Man's premiere in an effort to establish a "huge spy franchise." Netflix is working on a spinoff movie in addition to the sequel that will...

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Explore a different part of The Gray Man universe." Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, the writers of Deadpool, will soon pen an untitled spinoff.