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The Walking Dead Will Reveal The 'Zombie Plothole' Since Season 1

When "The Walking Dead" returns to television for its final eight episodes, it will address...

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One of the greatest zombie story loopholes from season one.

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what was the plot hole in season 1 


Season 1, which focuses on Rick Grimes, made its AMC debut in 2010 and quickly gained popularity among viewers

However, viewers spotted a storyline flaw in the first season when the walkers (zombies) were seen showing abilities that...

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Were not present in later episodes, such as climbing ladders and slamming doors with boulders.

People thought the introduction of this kind of walker in season one was a mistake. However when...

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Angela Kang and the cast were questioned about a new "species" of zombie that was hinted at in the teaser for the next episodes, Kang said that...


The new walkers, will be connected to those seen in season one. Although not everyone encountered those walkers, "I believe the walkers are a throwback that we saw in the very first season," said Kang.