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Bering Sea Gold 2019: Start Date And Details

Bering Sea Gold 2019 Start Date
Bering Sea Gold 2019

Bering Sea Gold is an American television series which has been executive produced by Thom Beers. The show began airing on Discovery Channel on January 27, 2011. The show has continued, and it finished the tenth season last year. The fans have taken a liking to the show over the years, and the show has received enough viewership to ensure that Discovery keeps on renewing it.

So far the show hasn’t been renewed for an eleventh season. But, the fans will definitely be hoping that Discovery makes an announcement soon. If Discovery does confirm the new season, then we should expect the eleventh season in April or May 2019. We will keep an eye out on the willyou accordingly.

We can expect the cast from the tenth season to come back for the eleventh season provided there is no shuffle in the cast for the new season. Here is the possible cast for Bering Sea Gold season eleven:

Shawn Pomrenke
Emily Riedel
Mike Rowe
Kris Kelly
Brad Kelly
Cody Moen
Andy Kelly
George Young
Dave Young
Ken Kerr.

In the series, the gold rush takes place in the sea unlike the regular gold rush, which takes place on land. In each episode, we see the crew taking on the challenge to find the gold that is at the bottom of the Bering Sea. The crew places their lives at risk as they dive to the bottom of the sea.

It’s obvious that in order to do find gold they need some high-tech equipment. Their ships have support system along with several other features which help the crew in their search for gold. The crew has finished their mining as soon as possible as the winter can be harsh. Bering Sea Gold is narrated by Mike Rowe and Thom Beers. The show is filmed in Nome, Alaska.