Julius Roberts’ Net Worth: How Rich is The Viral Chef?

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Julius Roberts Net Worth

Let’s look at the known Julius Roberts’ Net Worth. The daring ones are those who are ready to start all over even when they are at the highest peak of their career. It is never easy to start afresh and ditch your perfect life. We are talking about a popular chef, Julius Roberts. This talented chef earned his name in the business. Almost every person who has eaten food prepared by him considers the taste unforgetful. He worked hard and made a prominent place in the industry, only to leave it all one day.

Julius was a chef in London, but he decided that this was not enough. The chef is now raising the vegetables and herding goats in Dorset. Now, the actor is getting immense popularity and respect from the world. He often shares his farm life with his followers. Julius Roberts’ net worth is huge, and he has sustained it for some time. Let’s look at the details of Julius Roberts'[ personal life.

Julius Roberts’ Net Worth

Julius Roberts had a successful career being a chef. He has a history of working with top hotels and restaurants, especially in London. Julius has earned very well in his career. Approximately Julius net worth is around $1 – 5 million. This famous chef is making the headlines with his new show, and the fans are loving him in it. 

What Is Julius Roberts’ Currently Doing?

It seems like the limelight and attention are not ready to leave Julius’ path. This chef was enjoying his life on the farm in peace. However, Julius remained active on social media. This British chef is a fan of sustainable cooking. Often, we see him sharing the recipes a d sneak peeks into what sustainable cooking looks like. In addition, he shares pictures of his new life; The beautiful Dorset countryside. Roberts has over 160,000 followers on Instagram, and we are sure the number is increasing as you read.

Julius Roberts Net Worth

And, it is this popularity of Julius that he just bagged the show with Channel 5. The show titled “A Taste of The Country” will be about Julius’ new life in Dorset. This documented series follows how this chef’s life got changed after he ditched his lavish life. In the show, the audience will witness his first summer season living on the small farm. It was in 2017 that Julius decided to move to Dorset. All his fans have loved the show, and we are sure that they must have learned a lot from him. Julius Roberts’ net worth must have expanded due to the show.  

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Julius Roberts’ Girlfriend

Reportedly, Julius is dating a model named Anais Gallagher. She can often be spotted in the pictures that Julius shares. It is reported that the duo has been dating for some time now. Anais comes from a reputed family. She is the only daughter of Noel, who is a Britpop legend and a former Oasis songwriter and lead guitarist. Not just her father, Anais’ mother is also famous. Anais’ mother, Mag Mathews, was the queen of the Primrose Hill party set. It can be said that the duo is still dating and enjoying the time of their life. 

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