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Discolored created by Jason Godbey and published by Shifty Eye, is a bizarre and moody experience that plays more like a puzzle game than a whole adventure, yet it’s still incredibly fulfilling and fun to play. Just be ready for it to raise a lot of questions and allow you to come up with your own solutions to the bizarre occurrences that are taking on all around you.

We seldom consider the significance of color in our day-to-day activities. Our perception of the world would be very different without color. Everything would be monotonous and maybe even spooky. Until you played the game Discolored, which takes away all the color and requires you to restore it, you had never really given it any thought. By solving several riddles at an abandoned cafe in the middle of nowhere, you may accomplish this.

The mood that Discolored provides is one of its best features. The 3D environment is gorgeously yet simply created, but the music is what really creates the atmosphere. The background music is soft jazz, and as the game goes on, the themes shift. The soundtrack takes on a spooky aspect once a significant work is finished, giving the player an impression that someone is watching him. The audiovisual experience is enhanced by the soundtrack, which blends seamlessly with the images.

Plot of the Game

In the middle of the desert, a solitary wayside restaurant. Locals claim it has completely lost its color. You’ve to look into it in order to finish the game and have to bring back its color.

Discolored is a bizarre and fantastical puzzle adventure that lasts for around two hours in a single lonely setting. Your goal is to bring color back to this planet that was once colorful. What made the hues go away? How can they be retrieved? You’ll solve a variety of creative puzzles as you explore and find a number of clues that will help you learn more about this weird location at the end of an abandoned roadway.

Features of Discolored

  • First-person adventure combined with challenging and creative puzzles.
  • A single setting that develops and changes as you play.
  • Stunning, minimal design with a melancholy, lovely soundtrack.
  • Designed to be played in one sitting and completed in around two hours.

More details about the Game

What we can only guess is your workplace is where you begin. To begin the actual riddles, you must begin by completing puzzles from the beginning. You begin by obtaining a viewer, a gizmo that enables Super Mario 64-style exploration of an artwork.

By using the viewer, you may enter the picture and find yourself at a desert cafe on your own. It’s all quiet, black, and colorless. Nothing directs you; you must understand what the purpose of the game is on your own. You feel anxious because of the environment. You had to make sure Discolored wasn’t merely a puzzle game without any disturbing components. While you work on the puzzles, you are kept waiting for a terrifying moment or a monster that is after you due to the absence of color and sound and the first-person perspective. Fortunately, none of that occurs.

Walkthrough of Discolored Game

Launch the game, then select options. Several settings are available here, including all the controls. See how you can control the game by clicking on controls. You may move and turn using the WASD keys and the mouse. The left mouse button is used to interact with things, and the right mouse button is used to access the inventory. A white point serves as your cursor as you navigate the game. You can interact with or pick up things with your triangle-shaped cursor.

  • Your cursor is a zooming-out turn-around arrow.
  • Esc on your keyboard will end the game.
  • The inventory may be accessed with the E-key.
  • Click “New Game” when everything is in the desired position.

Starting of the Game

When the elevator doors open while you are inside, you exit the vehicle. When you approach the desk, your cursor turns into a triangle between the photographs. With a mouse click, you can zoom in and see an envelope with three images and a card with two holes underneath the photos. Once more, a triangle appears on that card; click to add it to your inventory. Then, to zoom out, click the back arrow. Turn around and enter the corridor, then bear left to access the following chamber. In the room next door, luggage (suitcase) is sitting on a table. Don’t worry about it if all the colour disappears.

Suitcase in Discolored

Take the suitcase, then click on the suitcase in your inventory. After that, remove the Stereoscope (viewer) from the case. On the yellow note is the user handbook. You may see the hint on the table once again if you zoom out. To combine the card with the viewer, click the viewer in your inventory, then click the card.

Click E or the right mouse button to remove your inventory, after which you should click the door and proceed into the subsequent chamber. On the floor inside is a triangle, and a picture of the moon is painted on the wall. Take the viewer out of your inventory while you stand on the triangle, then use the viewer to click on the picture.

What do you see on the Streets?

You are standing on a street in a bleak environment a short while afterward. Turning around reveals a diner, a metal tower, and a phone booth. You are unable to access the metal tower because the phone booth is locked. Since the world is so little, walking to one edge merely results in you reaching the other side. Visit a diner. A garbage container is to the left, and a water well is to the right of the restaurant. Click on the triangle-shaped restaurant entrance. Turn right as you enter the restaurant.


A ticket machine is located on the first table; go to stand in front of it. A ticket comes out of the machine when you click the handle. Pick up the ticket. Look at the ticket in your inventory; it is blank. Although you can read the content below, you can’t do anything with it. The steps to the top floor are on the left; take the stairs to the upper floor. The second story is equally grey. There is a cabinet on the right, but you can’t open it since the door handle is gone.

An attic hatch is visible in the ceiling, and a planter is placed near each window. The bedroom is in a large space. Go inside the bedroom. A typewriter and a newspaper are both on the desk. There is a TV, but it has interference, and you can flip the top knob to change the station, but the other channels are also obstructed. You can see the newspaper, but you can’t read it.

To get to the bedside table, circle the bed. Atop drawer is opened. There is a blue-bordered rectangle in the top drawer that you cannot remove. Return to the hallway, where you will find a clock on the other wall. It’s crucial to pay attention to the hands’ position. A hatch may be seen in the ceiling, but you are unable to access it. Turn right and proceed to the planting box. You can see a triangle with a green border on the front.

Water the plants in Discolored

You need to water the plants because they appear to be dry. Go inside before going outside. Turn right, go to the tower, then turn into the garbage container-containing corner. The trash can has a bucket on it. Take the trashcan. Go around and to the water well that is on the opposite side of the restaurant. A rope with a hook is seen over the well, but there isn’t a bucket. When you choose the bucket from your inventory and click the hook, it will dangle from the rope. The bucket drops as you press the rotating handle on the right.

Once again, pressing the rotating handle will cause the bucket to fill with water. Grab the hook and the water bucket. Return to the restaurant’s upper level and proceed to the planter from there. Select the water bucket from your inventory, fill it with water, and then click on the plants. Under the triangle with the green border, a drawer opens. It has a duplicate image of the cash register, which is at the base of the bar. Snap the picture. You can notice a green triangle if you click on the image in your inventory. To merge it, click with that image on the viewer.

Green Stick

Drop down and proceed to the cash register behind the bar. Take hold of your viewer and choose the cash register. Take the green prism as the pay register opens. Return to the green triangle on the plant box and click it after grabbing the green prism from your inventory. Green will appear once again right away. Take the green stick that you can now see above the plants. Look at the green stick you have in your possession. There is a hole in the stick. Once the stick and the hook are combined, you have a stick with a hook in your possession. You’ll also notice that the ticket now has green numerals and a bush leaf.

Take the stick with a hook from the inventory and proceed to the hatch in the ceiling. A foldable ladder descends with a single click of the stick on the hatch. When you click the ladder, the attic is accessible. After entering the attic, take the green crank that is located on the right side of a cardboard box.


A crane can be seen on the desk, and the moon can be seen through the window. On the desk is also a box with a push button. When you press the button, instructions for using the crane will appear in a pop-up window on the left. When you press the top turn button, the crane spins, and the grab now hangs above the moon. The hook will lower if you then click the center button (up/down). The moon is then taken by the grab once you click the bottom button. After pressing the top button (turn) and the center button (up/down), the moon-shaped grasp will dangle above the vehicle.

Now that you’ve pressed the bottom (grab) button and the middle (up/down) button, the moon is in the truck. Take the moon out of the vehicle now. As you turn to face the bed, a cabinet with a green lock hanging on the left wall will be seen. A green rope may be seen above the well on the left as you descend the well. Grab the green crank, then use the green rope to turn the shaft.

Blue Prism

When you turn the crank, a basket with a blue prism appears. The blue prism is yours. Return inside, ascend the stairs, and then stop at the planter. Return the green prism to the planter. Go to the attic and approach the closet; the green lock is now missing. Behind the ocean, you can make out a blue-bordered triangle and a spherical disc.

Click on the triangle with the blue border after making the blue prism. Since you took the green prism back, the color green is gone, and the color blue has returned. The green prism has to be reset right now. Take note of the blue doorknob that you may see as you cross the attic.

Green Prism in Discolored

Put the green prism back in the triangle after going back down and returning to the plant box. You return to the attic once you have replaced the green prism. Take the green LP that is currently in the cabinet. descend the stairs, then enter the bedroom. Click on the top drawer of the bedside table beside the window. Take this book that is in front of you. You may now go through the blue book in your inventory, but something is still missing.

Back in the hallway, go to the door that lacks a handle. Click on the lock on the door after removing the blue doorknob from your inventory. It’s a rubbish room; just open the door. Take the bar stool that is against the wall on your right. Next, click the blue suitcase, which has a record player inside. Select the record player and insert the green LP. Then, with a click of the tonearm of the record player, the LP will start playing, and a drawer will open. Remove the seed bag and the red prism from the tray (Seeds).


Turn around and gaze at the clock on the wall behind the attic ladder. If you followed the instructions, you would have taken note of where the clock’s hands were. Do it now if you haven’t already, or you’ll have to return later. 

Turn right and go to the lights beside the metal tower after going down and out. Click on the hole you see in the ground beneath the lamp. Take the seed bag, then press the hole. The hole is sealed when you take the ticket that you see with the seeds. Get out of there quickly and get to the bar. There are four bar stools visible, and to the right is a bar stool base. Go to that base, grab a bar stool from your storage, and then place the bar stool there.

The base is where the bar stool is set. Pulling the bar stool to the right will reveal a floor opening. To descend to the basement, click on the ladder. Look around; it isn’t much you can do here just now. Pick up a couple of logs from the stack of logs next to the desk. Head to the green stove by turning left. Open the stove door by raising the handle first. Take the logs and insert them into the stove’s aperture. The fire will burn after which the stove door will be shut and the handle will be lowered. There is a red border around the triangle on the stove door now.

Adjusting the clock

Insert the red prism inside the triangle. When you turn around, a crimson gate will be in front of you. Take the book from your inventory now; the red hands and red triangle buttons are now visible as well. The clock upstairs shows you how to position the hands properly, so you only need to do that now. You can move the large pointer by pressing the large red button and the mini pointer by pressing the small red button. If the hands are in the proper alignment, the dial will open, revealing a red key. You should take the red key. Take the red key out of your inventory and zoom out.

Phone Booth in Discolored

The gate will open when you use the key to click on the lock. A green and red slider may be found in the box to the left of the ladder. The telephone box icon will light up when you slide both buttons outward. Currently, you can open the phone booth. To climb the ladder, click on it. then approach the phone booth and let yourself in. Come in and grab the receiver.

Once you have the moon in your possession, click on the coin slot adjacent to the crescent sign. The two tickets you have in your collection have numbers on them. The first ticket had the numbers 1227 plus a leaf, and the second had the red digits 7334 plus the raindrops symbol. Now key in all the digits and the symbol of the raindrops. You can hear it starting to rain as the phone is now hanging up.

Go back and approach the well. A poster that is suspended from the fence beneath the light nearly falls off the fence. Take that banner off. View the inventory poster. After supper, ascend the stairs to the bedroom where the TV is located; the interference is still present. Click on the TV screen, get the poster from your collection, and then click again. A picture of the serving table in the basement is put on the screen like a billboard.

The top TV knob must be turned, however, it is now being blocked by three red triangles. Grab the red prism from the stove door in the basement. Return to the bedroom TV and choose it there. Now that the top knob has been turned, you may click it, and a jar will appear on the serving table. Replace the red prism on the stove door when you go back to the basement.


Turn around and approach the serving table’s jar; a brush is now protruding from it. Obtain the paintbrush from the jar by going to the serving table. View the multicolored brush you have in your inventory (paintbrush). Get the paintbrush from your stock and turn to the easel. The triangle on the easel will now be painted blue once you click on it. You can be sucked through the window next to the well by climbing the ladder.

After seeing a white light spiral, the eye sign appears. When you return inside, the environment is once more gloomy as you stand in front of the ticket machine. Enter the basement and take the stereo slide for the viewer that is on the easel there. An image of a light beam over a tower may be seen on the slide in your inventory. It is clearly visible as the tower at the restaurant. Slide into the viewer.

Prisms’ positions

Remove the red prism from the stove once more. Grab the green prism from the plant box on the second floor, then get the blue prism from the attic. from the cabinet When you enter the phone booth, you will notice a white triangle on the ground. On the tower’s side, you can also make out a white triangle floating in the air.

You can find a stairway made from the seeds you sowed if you go to the tower in the rear. As you ascend, a window will reveal the eye symbol. You may grab the button or disc by looking up at the loft’s ceiling, where it has a panel with a button on it.

You may see a column if you open the door. Three white triangles may be seen if you go to the column. Next, arrange the three prisms on the white spots. You can’t remove the white prism that is currently on the column. Remain on the white triangle in the phone booth.

Take a picture of the tower twice in your viewer, then focus your camera on the tower. Now, a light beam that has been accepted begins to emerge from the white prism. The sky’s “Eye” is destroyed. Your world is filled with color once more, and there is an eruption of light. Return to the tower’s top and proceed onward. It produces a frame.

After image 

Select the luggage from your inventory by clicking it, then click the red button next to it. The center of the case will open to reveal a compartment. Take the slide with the two holes out of the package, add it to your inventory, and then pair it with the viewer. Obtain your viewer from your inventory and click it on the Sun after approaching the frame. You’ll be drawn into the picture and… After that, you are back at an office. Make a left turn. The radio is being held on a rack. Go to the radio and click on it. Then, using the rotary knob, you just took out of your inventory, click on the radio’s circular disc.

End of the Game Discolored

The radio may now be tuned. Turn the dial until a story-telling voice from the radio may be heard. Go to the global map and look for three red lines that connect an island on the map to the three photos. Click on any of the images. When you click on the island, a white triangle will appear beneath it. A portion of the island becomes green when you click on the white triangle. You may see an envelope on the ground if you turn around. Take the mailer. In your inventory, choose the envelope by clicking. Next, take the empty slide with the two holes that are next to the two photographs. Combine the blank slide with the viewer.

You can now see a portion of the location from The Search in the frame where the sun initially rose. Step up to the frame. Near the end of the game, click with the viewer on that image and you will be drawn within. While you are in The Search, you must first purchase Jason Godbey’s second game in order to play it.

From where to download and Conclusion

Discolored is a brief, attractive game that’s worth playing. If you like puzzle games, Discolored is interesting and rewarding despite some gameplay quirks. Additionally, its narrative, if you can call it that, provides just enough information to pique your curiosity about a variety of issues, like who is hiring you and what the heck the awful creature is doing in this place. You get the impression that there is more to the narrative than what is currently known about it, and you are left wanting more.

As a part of Apple Arcade, a premium gaming subscription service from Apple, Discolored is only accessible on mobile devices. You cannot download and play this game unless you have an Apple Arcade subscription. Learn more about Apple Arcade on the company’s website. It costs $4.99 (approx. Rs. 400) a month and also offers a free trial.

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