Zorro: The New Series From Sean Gordon Murphy

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Sean Gordon Murphy creating new zorro
Sean Gordon Murphy creating new zorro

Acclaimed comic book artist Sean Gordon Murphy is making waves in the industry once again as he prepares to launch a new self-published series featuring the iconic masked adventurer, Zorro. The artist behind popular comic book titles such as Punk Rock Jesus, Tokyo Ghost, and Batman: White Knight made the announcement himself, stating that he acquired the rights to the character and will release the new series under a newly-formed publishing banner.

While there are no specific details available at this time, a sneak peek inside Murphy’s sketchbook for the upcoming book, tentatively titled Zorro: Man, of the Dead, hints at a story that will tie into the Mexican holiday of Dia De Los Muertos and take place in modern times. Fans of the classic character can look forward to a fresh take on the Zorro mythos from one of the industry’s most celebrated artists.

Sean has garnered a reputation for his visually stunning art style and compelling storytelling. His latest project is sure to excite fans of the comic book medium and Zorro enthusiasts alike. In a recent development, it has been observed that his concept art for the iconic character of Zorro includes a modernised version of the classic car El Camino.

zorro concept art by season gordon murphy
Zorro concept art by Sean  Murphy

This deviation from the traditional setting of the late 19th and early 20th centuries has brought new elements to the storyline of Zorro. He’s innovative approach has paved the way for a more contemporary take on the character, which could potentially attract future interest.

Moreover, this move also makes it easier for Sean to retain the rights to the novel elements he has introduced to the character. As the story progresses, it remains to be seen how Murphy’s fresh perspective on Zorro will shape the future of this timeless legend.

The Debate on Zorro Rights Between Sean Gordon Murphy & Zorro Productions

The ongoing debate surrounding the rights to Zorro has been a topic of discussion for many years. Despite the character’s creation in 1919, it remains unclear whether the rights to the famous masked hero should be in the public domain. This uncertainty stems from the claims made by Zorro Productions Inc., a company that believes it has worldwide copyright and trademark control over Zorro.

The confusion arose when the original author of Zorro, Johnston McCulley, assigned his rights to Mitchell Gertz in 1949. Upon Gertz’s death in 1961, his estate was transferred to his children, who later formed Zorro Productions. This new company has since become the primary licencing entity for the character.

Sean Gordon Murphy
Sean  Murphy

While courts in the United States and European Union have found that some of McCulley’s novels and movies have lapsed into the public domain, many of his other books remain under copyright protection. As a result, Zorro Productions continues to claim ownership of the character.

Despite Zorro’s potential public domain status, ZPI remains vigilant in protecting its trademark on the name and likeness of the iconic character. This has led to a litigious atmosphere, with the company fighting to retain control and generate revenue from the brand.

In summary, while Zorro’s character may be in the public domain, Zorro Productions Inc. is leveraging its trademark on the name and likeness of the character to continue profiting from its use. The debate over the rights to Zorro will likely continue to be a contentious issue for some time.

Zorro concept art by Sean Gordon Murphy
Zorro concept art by Sean  Murphy

Dynamite Entertainment has recently published comic books featuring the iconic character Zorro, in addition to an ongoing series and a crossover story featuring the Lone Ranger. The renowned entertainment company has been at the forefront of the latest iterations of this legendary character.

Currently, two TV adaptations of Zorro are in development. The first is a legacy sequel led by a young woman and was initially planned to air on the CW network. The second is a more traditional take on the character, starring Wilmer Valderrama, famous for his roles in That ’70s Show and Minority Report. This new series is set to premiere on the Disney+ streaming platform.

The new adaptations of Zorro demonstrate the character’s enduring appeal and continued relevance in modern media. Fans of the swashbuckling hero can look forward to new and exciting iterations of the legendary character.

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